Saturday, March 21, 2009

Chika Lang!

Did you know that these two popular fashion/street style bloggers are a couple? It's been making the rounds of the blogging grapevine!

I'm talking about The Sartorialist and Garance Dore! I can just imagine what beautiful pictures they'll be taking together!

I thought all that chatter must have been referring to something like a professional relationship, but it's apparently true that it's more than that! Read all about it here and here!

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Anonymous said...

love her bag! what issit? plsss telll meee :)

cd_mfo said...

It's a Givenchy Nightingale! =) About $1795 at Barneys. If you're in Manila, I believe Adora sells it too.

Anonymous said...

hi christine! as promised, am dropping by to say hello. it's me, that little person who had an AHA! moment upon finally realizing where she must have seen you, that one eventful time at jollibee. so sorry for not being able to contain myself. looking back, i did kinda sound stalker-ish. yikes! but i def did not mean to put you on the spot and make you blush hahaha. from your reaction, i gather you don't really get to face your celebrity status that often huh? lol. i just hope i did not scare you much as i hardly ever confront people like that. just got excited when i got to finally remember where i've seen you before and i just had to confirm it.

well, you did get a perceptive write-up out of that random encounter, didn't you? i read the article just now and you did a good job on quoting us verbatim haha. because of that entry, i actually don't feel as bad semi-attacking you that day lol. btw, you ladies look uber cute on that picture with the "slimmer" jollibee.

tap the little peanut hello for me. i can't wait for you to blog more about her and all her awesomeness when she comes out. i just sense yet another fashionista charming her way through the world. yes!

back to your current blog entry, the 2 look good together. a match made in style heaven, so fashion-ately in love (aye! excuse the cheese). i've seen the sartorialist going about his business around bergdorf some months back. let's just say he looks better on the picture you have up lol. and no, i did not "confront" him the way i did you, thank you very much haha. apparently, your celebrity has a bigger impact :wink:

kk, as i've said, am only dropping by. whew! so much for a hello. tsk tsk...will check again for your new entry later

cd_mfo said...

Hi Glendale! You're so cute! Hahaha! I'm happy you said hello to me in Jollibee! It was really great getting yours and Samantha's inputs for the article! Gave it a lot more depth, from the Fil-am perspective!

I'll tell the Little One you said hello! Haha! She is such a joy, and a good excuse to buy "investment pieces" to pass on to her, haha!

I've never seen The Sart up close! Only saw him in a panel discussion at the Met and he was way up in front on the stage, just a tiny speck really haha! Lucky you! I hope I get to see him in action one of these days!

Thanks for dropping by Glendale! Always nice to hear from you! =)

Anonymous said...

It's only fitting. After all who else would they go with.

LegallyChef said...

hahaha! someone called berry a "little peanut". I wonder what the real peanut would say?

Anonymous said...

that's the excuse i use as well when my non-economical ways (in terms of fashion) get the best of me! either that or i think of them as my own collection of vintage trading cards. hopefully they'll still be as valuable when i'm done being selfish haha.

btw, i totally missed the whole entry about "berry," hence i called her "little peanut." i hope no one is truly allergic to the term peanut lol. the moniker berry is cute though. first thing in mind, "she's soo bound to get comments like 'hi berry! you're berry beautipul!'" ummm corny but i bet you my bottom dollar she'll be hearing it more often than not. even if her name is not berry.

and with that entry about her playlist, she sounds like a full grown person who knows exactly what she wants. she seems cultured already with her music selection. i love it! you're excitement is rubbing off.

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! True true! What a great excuse no?

Oh that's ok! It's just that my sister-in-law's cat is named Peanut, that's why! Haha! But it is fun to play around with Berry's name! Berry cute, Berry sweet, and yes, I hope Berry beautiful and smart too! Haha!

She is very amusing, and quite a character already! Although I'm afraid we're turning into the sort of annoying parents who think their kid is way special above all, haha!

Anonymous said...

lol. it's ok. that's exactly how my parents were with me (am also their firstborn). am sure you guys will get over it hahaha

note to berry: am just kidding. you're clearly berry special as is. as far as the parentals are concerned, it can def get worse. it's rather normal, don't worry. hehe.

cheeky_deb said...

I thought the Sartorialist was married?

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! I suppose so glendale! Esp when she starts showing us attitude! Haha!

I thought so too! Sad but true!

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