Saturday, March 07, 2009

Great News for US-based Marant Fans!

Here's the scoop from

L.A. CONFIDENTIAL: The doyenne of French chic, Isabel Marant, is eyeing an American address. The designer said she plans to open her first U.S. store in Los Angeles this winter, followed by a second in New York. Los Angeles is the ideal location, Marant said, as it’s home to her biggest American customer base plus the Hollywood starlets increasingly sporting her brand of pared-down elegance.

Another reason to look forward to the next winter season! Can't wait!!! I wonder where in New York? I hope it's in SoHo! That way all my favorite shops will be in close proximity to each other! Hahaha!

In the meantime, let's enjoy these runway photos from Paris Fashion Week F/W 09!

Hmmm, could this have been inspired by our kimonas?

(Photos from


Anonymous said...

Hi Tin! I've been reading your blog since 2007. Your posts have inspired me to no end. What action plans would you recommend to people like me wanting to penetrate the fashion industry (aside fr the obvious-i.e. taking fashion classes, internships)? I've heard not-so-nice things about the fashion industry. I'm actually scared to make a move. Fashion schools here in PI cost a lot! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey there Tin! I like her collection. It's understated, layered but sexy. The boots are hot! Wish those could be worn in Manila. Her palette is so you. =)


cd_mfo said...

Totally Alissa! I love how understated it is! And if my legs were a mile long, I'd have those boots in my wishlist in a snap! =) And you're reading me well, I love this season's color palette! It is me, heehee!

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