Sunday, March 08, 2009

How Now Brown Cow? Enjoying Steak at Peter Luger!

During my barf-y first trimester, I was so miserable from hunger. As much as I wanted to eat, nothing would stay in my stomach. I forced myself to eat crackers, bananas and Sour Patch candy, but it was inevitable that I'd throw up the little that I ate in a couple of hours.

I told Dear Hubby that as soon as I can eat an honest to goodness meal, I wanted steak at Peter Luger in Brooklyn (supposedly the best steak house in New York for over 100 years!). Dear Hubby of course promised he would take me and the Little One there as soon as we could! Heehee! I was so excited about it that I immediately set a date with our good friend Me-an and her hubby Eric that same week. Which turned out to be torture for Eric. Because every time Me-an and I talked, he wanted to know if I was ready to go to Peter Luger, hahaha!

Unfortunately, the wait took a couple more months. While my second trimester was generally kind to me, because I could finally step out of the house and do my usual routines (shopping, running errands, meeting friends, etc) on most days, our free weekends wouldn't jive. Finally, yesterday, Sunday, Me-an and I decided it was going to be THE DAY!

So last Monday, I called Peter Luger and eagerly made a reservation for 4 people. (It is highly recommended that you come in with a reservation if you want sure seating.) We were given a 1:45 pm slot, which wasn't so bad as it turned out. DST kicked in that day at 2 am, so that meant, we still had lunch at 12:45 pre-DST heehee!

By Wednesday, I got a call back from Peter Luger asking for a confirmation of our reservation. I called back and said, "Hell yeah, we're keeping that slot!" Hahaha! Just kidding. But yeah I did call to say we were going to be there at 1:45 pm.

Prior to going there, I read reviews online to make sure we wouldn't miss the dishes that would fully round up our Peter Luger experience. I got a bit worried that most of the reviewers mentioned that Peter Luger only served steak medium rare, if not still mooing. Which would be a problem for me because anything raw is a no-no. Several diners also mentioned that service was terrible, so I was prepared to be disappointed, just to keep my expectations down.

Turns out my fears were unfounded. Because we all enjoyed a delicious meal that made the wait so worth it! Plus the service was quick, polite, knowledgeable and efficient!

Here's the special Peter Luger sauce. It's supposedly amazing on their tomatoes and onions appetizer, which we didn't order because we wanted to make room for the main dish!

The porterhouse steak for 2! We ordered 2 steaks for 2, the hubbies shared one while Me-an and I had this dish to ourselves. We wanted our steak medium well, and the waiter said yes without batting an eyelash! I told him I was pregnant and can't have it medium rare, and he said "You can have it any way you want it!" Whew, what a relief! I thought I was going to get a stare down for not ordering my steak medium-rare, which is how most steak connoisseurs want their meat.

Here's my plate, with a side dish of creamed spinach and Luger's special german fried potatoes. Don't be fooled by those two chunks of meat! I had about 5 more after that! Heehee! And let me tell you, even though my steak was done medium well, it still melted in my mouth!

Why didn't we finish the entire steak? Because we were saving room for dessert! Here's the cheesecake with their famous "schlag" (really just a rich, whipped cream, yummy!)

And of course, the "Holy Cow" hot fudge sundae!!! Woot woo!!!

By the time we were done, we didn't have room for these old fashioned chocolate coins. Ok fine, Me-an, Eric and Dear Hubby saved their coins for Dominic (Me-an and Eric's baby boy) but I kept mine! Wahaha! And when we got home from Brooklyn, I ate mine, heehee!

By the way, Peter Luger only accepts cash or their Peter Luger credit card. So make sure to bring a wad of cash when you visit. Our total bill for 4 people amounted to about $270 with tax and tips. So that's about $67.50 per person. About the same price as a good steak meal in Manila! Quite a good deal huh?


Lisa said...

Your wonderful food photos are making me hungry!

Anonymous said...

im officially very hungry from the photos on your post! hehehe!
we're awaiting to have our own little angel and its great to read blog entries like yours.
hope the rest of your pregnancy go by like a breeze!

Anonymous said...

i miss peter luger's! :(

cd_mfo said...

Oops! Sorry Lisa! =)

Oh wow! Congratulations too Mrs. Lavendula! Thanks for your well wishes and I hope your pregnancy is as pleasant as can be! =)

Come back here Grace!!! Let's go!!!

Jane said...

Don't mean to alarm you, but... aren't you supposed to have steak well-done when you're pregnant?

Of course, well-done is not as yummy as medium well. But what you can do is ask them to cut the steak into pieces before cooking, so that they won't come out as hard/dry.

Anyway, hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy. :)

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