Friday, March 20, 2009

Jollibee NY On The Radar + Tips for Cleaning Light-Colored Bags From The Bag Hag!

The first Jollibee in New York, in the East Coast in fact, finally opened last month. And I mean finally! It has been a long wait for the East Coast Pinoys. Last week, my college buddy/fellow Radar writer Sarj and I paid a visit to the fast food mecca of our youth. And we wrote about it for The Radar of course! Watch out for it this Sunday!

Hi Christine! I saw your picture at Jollibee in the Chuvaness site.. Were you carrying a Gerard Darel bag? I have one kasi in this sort of lilac/lavender shade and I hardly use it because it easily gets dirty... Do you have any tips on how to take care of it and how to keep it clean? - Joni

Hi Joni! Thanks for your question! Yup, it is a Gerard Darel and admittedly, I haven't been using this gray bag that often too because I tend to stick to my easier to maintain black and brown bags. I can just imagine the horror if a pen mark or some kind of stain touches a light-colored leather bag! It will be so obvious!

This is a timely question as well, since it's officially the first day of spring here, and it's summer there, so just about time to bring out our lighter colored bags, to go with Spring's color palette - neutrals!

To help us both out, and I'm sure a thousand other girls out there are thinking of buying or maintaining their white, pastel or light-colored bags this spring/summer, I sent out an SOS to no less than the bag expert, Ingrid Go, our favorite Bag Hag! Here are her tips for maintaining light-colored bags!

Light colored bags are really a pain in the ass to clean, so before you actually "baptize" your newly purchased light-colored bag, here are some precautions:

1. Do not pair your light-colored bag with dark denims (which usually bleed). There is nothing worse than having those denim stains on your bag. And they're pretty permanent.

2. Before you use any products, make sure to test it in an area of the bag, preferably the bottom. Leave overnight first. If the bag doesn't "stain" or "react" to the chemical, then you can go ahead and spray or treat the bag.

3. Use a dirt/rain repellant spray on your bag. If it's a canvas tote, go with Scotchgard. If it's a leather bag, I recommend Apple rain and stain repellant Spray. Make sure to keep the can about 10- 12 inches away from the bag when you spray it. That way, the repellant won't be concentrated in one area.

4. Make sure to clean your bag after use with a clean cloth. Always check for stains after you retire the bag for the night. That way you can already immediately "clean" the bag if there are stains. Do not allow the stain or smudged area to "sit" overnight as it may seep into the leather/ canvas, making it harder for you to remove.

5. Be conscious enough to know where you put your bag. Don't ever, ever, ever put it on the floor! All it takes is one big stain to ruin your beautifully pristine bag!

To sum it all up - "An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure"! Bags are meant to keep our things safe, and to be used and enjoyed as well. With these tips from The Bag Hag, we will never again let the fear of keeping a bag clean prevent us from taking our babies out for some lovin'!

Apple Leather Care kits and stain repellant sprays are available at Tresorie, 2/F Dona Consolacion, 122 Jupiter Street, Bel-air, Makati City. Tel. No. (632) 890-0037.


Conchita said...

oh, jeans are not the only ones that stain. i was wearing a purple dress during my son's christening and i was carrying my white gucci tote. i didn't want to use it but it matched my silver shoes. it drizzled a little and when i got home i notice pink stain marks.

i brought it to vintage restore (the fix-it store beside tresorie) but they say it's unfixable! so sad. good thing it's only on the back. but still... so sad.

cd_mfo said...

Awww, wow, bummer Cons! Thanks for that tip too! Guess we have to stay away from colored fabrics that will bleed!

Joni Andrea said...

Thanks Ms. Christine and Ms. Ingrid for the tips! I can now finally use my bag more often! :)

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