Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mamma Mia!

Three months to go and the Little One will pop out soon!!! See how my tummy is now?

Wait, this is better...

Yeah, I know my belt buckle is skewed, but I did that on purpose. See, I didn't want the buckle to squeeze my tummy when I sit! Smart huh? Heehee!

It's been really cold these days that my usual suspects - tights, leggings, harem/drop crotch pants are not cutting it. Still too flimsy, so I have to wear denims. But I didn't want to spend on maternity denims because after I give birth, it won't be of much use, and it'll just go to waste. So I decided on these boyfriend denims instead which I think are the best maternity denims ever! It sits low below the belly and is super roomy and comfortable! Plus! I can wear it years after I give birth!

Scarf: Isabel Marant
Shirt: A.P.C.
Cardigan: Uniqlo
Jeans: Current/Elliott*
Belt: Abaco Paris
Tights: Topshop Maternity
Flats: French Sole

I've realized, buying maternity clothes can really be kept to a minimum. So far, it's really just my maternity tights, leggings and a tunic shirt that are my true maternity buys. Other than that, any of my dresses and loose tops are still ok, plus all the pants I got (a total of just 4 pieces! All of which I can use after I give birth!). Then again, I don't work so I don't have to spend for career maternity clothes. But my friend Me-an, who was working while pregnant, said she made do with 5 pairs of maternity trousers and that was it! She says, being pregnant made her realize she can actually live with just a few clothes on rotation. Now I know her words ring true. I've really been just wearing the same clothes over and over and over...

Maybe it has something to do with maturity and becoming a mom? Back in college, I used to take note of all my outfits just to make sure I never repeat the same outfit twice in a month. Then again, during these times especially, it doesn't make sense to be shopping so much. Better to save our money and shop our closets instead! For sure, there are treasures there that are just waiting to be unearthed!

*Here's a tip if you're planning to buy Current/Elliott denims. They are indeed one size too big as most online shopping sites have warned. So you should size down. I'm pregnant so I decided to get it in my usual size which is a 25. Ideally, I should have gotten a 24 as the 25s are very loose on me. But I have three more months to go and I have to have room to grow!


Eubelle said...

FUNNY, i used to take note too! my friends thought it was weird but i've talked to others that has done it and your an addition to my list. are we that anal?

Anonymous said...

LOL@ taking note your outfits! i did that too in high school :p we had casual wednesdays and i made a list of stuff i wore every wednesday. hahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I'm also guilty of listing outfits! I even have an "inventory" of all my clothes so i can track their "usage." Teeheehee!

Anonymous said...

OMG i thought i was the only one who had a daily calendar identifying my outfits (so i wouldn't repeat), in university. now i take pride in repeating outfits even on TV.

im 19weeks now. in my last pregnancy i got by without really buying maternity clothes (so many non-mat styles in jersey around). the first preg, 2002 was a bit crazy. pre-jersey days.

you look great

Conchita said...

only 3mos more?!!!!

time flies so fast! if you can help yourself from buying maternity then you're one lucky girl! my thighs kept getting bigger and bigger i ended up wearing dresses most of the time. now, post-maternity, my thighs and hips are so big that i wear my mom's old clothes!

i hope it goes back to normal coz i miss my old clothes! my feet went back to normal but some shoes are a bit tight. but it's okay... i can borrow more shoes from my mom already!

cd_mfo said...

Belle, Grace, KayAnne, and Daphne, how funny! I guess we all were anal about our outfits back then, not surprising that we all love fashion to this degree up to now! We should form a club! =)

Oh and thanks Daphne, and congratulations on your third baby! It sure is great that a lot of "normal" clothes can pass for maternity wear these days now, plus lots of cute baby clothes popping up too!

How time flies talaga Cons! I can't believe it too! I can actually give birth in less than 11 weeks, imagine! Don't worry I'm sure you'll go back to your old size! You're naturally thin kasi! Although I'm sure you are pleased that your wardrobe is now encroaching your mom's territory, haha!

The Bag Hag said...

I swear, woman. You and Daphne are skinny "preggies"! I love the way you both dress! You look so very Parisienne here!

cd_mfo said...

Heehee, coming from you, being always in Paris and all, thank you thank you thank you Ing! That's the goal! I want to be chic like Daphne and dress like a French girl, heehee!

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