Wednesday, April 29, 2009

32 Weeks

Berry is getting bigger! I get surprised myself when she kicks. Where'd this wee one get all that power?

At 32 weeks, I still haven't bought maternity clothes. This shirtdress from MUJI just happened to be long and loose and so Japanese-y, just like in the Japanese magazines and websites where they wear this with loose leggings/denims/trousers and clogs. Which I adore! Now if only I can remember this one particular site so I can show you.

Plus, again I can still wear this after I give birth, so it's money well spent. There's another tunic top at MUJI that I wanted, made out of organic cotton but I could only buy one. I really don't want to spend on clothes, as I've spent my budget on stuff for our home like good candles, and a nice woven basket for our magazines scattered about - talk about nesting!

We're getting Berry's crib and stroller/car seat (hand me downs from friends, which is a practical thing to do given that kids grow so fast!) soon and we are just so grateful to all our family and friends who've sent clothes, baby shoes and other baby stuff for Berry! She has enough clothes to last her a whole year, no kidding! I think the best thing about having a baby girl is that girls are such a joy to dress up! Just like a live doll! Heehee! Dear Hubby and I actually have to stop ourselves when we see something cute because we remember the mountain of clothes we have at home, all for Berry! I swear, this little one has more clothes and things than I do, I don't even know where we can keep them! Our guest room is practically filled with her things now. I can just imagine how she will take over our life when she arrives!


Esme said...

GOODLUCK ON YOUR BABY! And you still dress beautifully even with your bump! :)

cd_mfo said...

Awww, thank you Esme! You are sweet! =)

Kylie said...

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