Saturday, April 04, 2009

G&D at the Retail Lab in Powerplant

G&D is now open at the S.O.F.A. (School of Fashion and the Arts) Retail Lab at Powerplant Mall (beside Topshop's flagship store and near Seattle's Best Coffee) and will be there until May 31, 2009 only!

Incidentally, pop-up shops such as this one by G&D, are fast becoming the trend in retailing here in New York. Repetto had a pop-up shop for 90 days at the Earnest Sewn store in the Meatpacking District, McQueen for Target had a 2 day Target McQ Market at St. John's Center before releasing the collection in Target stores nationwide. Pop-up shops are fun and fresh and the limited time frame of existence gives buyers good reason to shop now rather than later. This is a retailing concept that we will be seeing for good I'm sure!

But not to fret, in case you miss the G&D pop-up shop in Rockwell, you can still buy G&D at The Ramp Glorietta and The Ramp at Crossings Shangri-la!

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Anonymous said...

like the commes des garcons guerilla store

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