Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Today is Earth Day

What have you been doing for this planet we call home? I have to admit, I still have much to do to lessen my carbon footprint, but I do segregate my trash, buy organic and earth friendly products as much as possible, and use reusable shopping totes when I shop! Which reminds me, I am planning to clean out my closet and put things on sale, I hope some of you would adopt my rarely or barely used shoes and other articles of clothing. Hey, that's recycling too!!!

If possible I would do all my shopping at Green Depot where everything in store is eco-friendly. In the meantime, we can all start doing our share by using reusable totes, since Envirosax has something special for Earth Day...

What's big, blue and green, and our responsibility? The Planet of course; and these new bags will be a groovy addition to your green lifestyle. Produced under license with Planet Green (TM), these five new designs feature contemporary geometrics in fresh hues of green, aqua and white.

Baggu on the other hand is giving away 200 Baggu Bags at the Bedford L stop in Brooklyn! They'll be there from 1:30 pm until supplies last! Yay Baggu!


MrsLavendula said...

wow! these bags look so nice!

The Bag Hag said...

TIN!! Thanks SO much for the Le Snob book! Im loving loving loving it! And specially the baggus!!! they really come in handy, BIG time! Hope you, Berry, and Harvs are doing great!


cd_mfo said...

These are my favorite eco bags among the rest Mrs. Lavendula! =)

You're very welcome Ing!!! Happy you loved it, when I saw the book I immediately thought of you! =) We're doing great, getting bigger, heehee! Miss ya!

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