Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Topshop Opens Tomorrow!

As if you needed any reminding, haha! Here's the latest as of today, Wednesday, April 1!

Although by the looks of all these photographers waiting outside, something exciting was already going on inside! (According to Racked, Sir Philip Green and Kate Moss were inside the building!)

I suppose my Topshop stalking has paid off somehow, because I was rewarded with the sight of this! The Heartschallenger Truck aka the Topshop Goodie Bag Truck at Prince and Crosby at around 2 PM!

Unfortunately, they ran out of goodie bags! See the empty truck? Cute Marimekko seat cover though!

But I still got a gift card, thanks to this girl handing them out! Besides, if the gift card I got has $500 in it, I can so do without a tote bag!

Admittedly though, the tote is quite cute! As you can see from our young models here...

And here...

Now I got hold of a Topshop gift card as I was hoping! Yay! Thing is though, I have to spend it on opening day itself!

What a clever marketing ploy! I had no plans of going to Topshop tomorrow, but now I have to because I might just be carrying a gift card loaded with $500 (cards may have a value of $5 to $500, and can be used with a minimum $10 purchase)! Oh, you better have $500 in there, or else, Berry will get mad at me for dragging her to a possibly crowded situation! Haha!


gb said...

hey you never know! isn't there a belief that pregnant ladies are oftentimes lucky? i mean, you were able to snag a gift card after all ;) sure won't be surprised if it's a whopping $500, jealous? yeah, i already am.

btw, i imagine berry stylin' & profilin' like the girl in the picture. how cute!

Unknown said...

hey you never know! you just have to shop and then let us know if the trek was worth it. in any case, if berry is anything like you, she's looking forward to the shopping too.

cd_mfo said...

Heehee! I came I saw I conquered, glendale and arlene! I'll make a post about it! And yes, I think Berry enjoyed it too! Hahaha! When she's bigger I will definitely dress her up and post cute outfits of her, hahaha!

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