Friday, May 15, 2009

How Much Does This Whole Shoe Closet Cost?

A ton of dough! With YSL Tributes, Balenciagas, Miu Mius and René Caovillas approximately costing let's say $900 a pair on average, and with about 50 pairs in this shoe closet, we're talking oh, just about $45,000 all in all. Since this is just a ballpark figure, let's give or a take a couple thousand. Hmmm, that's more than enough to buy a decent car. But not enough to plunk down the minimum 20% down payment required by a lender on a Manhattan studio.

Then again, if you are Julia Restoin-Roitfeld, and you get hand me downs from your mom, and free shoes from her designer friends, then this shoe closet might as well cost next to nothing!

Oh, blessed are the lucky ones!

For more of Julia's droolworthy pieces, check out The Selby.


Eliza Mariano said...

Wow. How I wish I have a fashion insider of a mommy.

cd_mfo said...

Me too! =)

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