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New York Hotspots

Hi, just wanted to ask for tips coz we are going to New York this April 22 and we'll be staying at Soho. Restaurants that must be tried, bars, shopping (H&M and Topshop budget) and sights to see. We are in New York for 12 days so please help us with our itenerary, we are watching Wicked by the way:) Thanks!

First timers in NY

Oh no! Super delayed reply! I am so sorry about this! I am pretty sure though that since you stayed in SoHo, you have already discovered how strategic your location is dining and shopping wise! But just in case you are heading back to Manhattan any time soon, or for those who are planning a trip to NYC, here's something that will come in handy whether or not you care about the exploits of The City's cast. Please feel free to print this article that Sarj and I wrote for The Radar last Sunday!

NEW YORK — First there was Sex. Then there was Gossip. Now there’s The City. It’s the trifecta of Manhattan shows — the triple threat of Gotham TV. Each program extravaganza is different in style and attitude. But their one common denominator is that they never fail to showcase the allure, the landscape and sights of this lovely megalopolis we’re lucky to call home.

Much like the characters in Sex and the City and Gossip, The City’s Whitney, Olivia, Jay and their ilk mosey along from one snazzy spot to another.

Though it’s touted to be a reality show, we don’t mind that it’s all staged. New York, as always, looks great, and that’s all that matters.

On The Radar gives you a definitive guide to the show’s stomping grounds, according to area.

Meatpacking District (Mepa)

Once home to slaughterhouses and packing plants, in recent years, it has undergone considerable gentrification and is now deemed a swanky area for sosyals to live, shop, dine and hang out. Diane von Furstenberg’s DvF headquarters are situated smack dab in the middle of the locale.

Shop @ DvF (where else?)
Dine @ Nero, Fig & Olive, The Diner, Los Dados
Drink @ Tenjune, Plunge at Hotel Gansevoort, Brass Monkey


Home to New York’s visual arts community and much of the town’s gay population. Streets are lined with galleries, boutiques and beautiful architecture. This district has its fair share of dining destinations, too.

Whitney, Erin, Sammy and Allie seem to favor Cafeteria for brunch, where they meet up to to dish the dirt on Adam.

Dine @ Il Bastardo, Brother Jimmy’s BBQ
Dance @ Pink Elephant
Buy art @ Mike Weiss Gallery
Check out @ Yves Chelsea – 166 West 18th Street, Olivia’s apartment exterior

West Village, Greenwich Village (The Village)

Best known for its bohemian flair and beatnik residents, this neighborhood boasts tiny shops and restaurants with star power.

In the show, we are led to believe that Erin lives in Gramercy, while her building’s exterior is actually shot in this area — it’s the Urban Glass House on 330 Spring Street.

Dine @ Extra Virgin, Cornelia Street Café, Amy’s Bread, 10 Downing Street

Soho + Noho (South + North Of Houston)

When one utters the word “SoHo” only one thing comes to mind — shopping. This trendy district is what others stereotype as “downtown.” Partially true, this locale not only houses mega brands, it also has a smattering of decent restos and bars, as well. Kelly Cutrone’s People’s Revolution holds court at 62 Grand Street. While Erin’s office at One Management is a couple of blocks away at 42 Bond Street.

Shop @ Dean & Deluca, Opening Ceremony
Dine @ Once Upon A Tart, Delicatessen, Café Noir, Felix Restaurant
Drink @ MercBar, Antique Garage, Thom Bar, Double Crown
Watch an indie flick @ Angelika

Lower East Side (Les), Tribeca (Triangle Below Canal)

Once a haven for drug dealers and with blocks full of warehouses, respectively, both districts were renewed years ago when real estate boomed and propped up the economy of both neighborhoods.

Smart-looking bistros and stylish boutiques have popped up and peppered the streets since then. Drop by and possibly attend a gallery opening organized by Adam at Collective Hardware on 169 Bowery.

Dine @ Rayuela, Café Falai, Bacaro, Joe’s Ginger, Macao Trading Co.
Drink @ Stanton Social
Check out @ 88 Leonard, Olivia’s apartment interior

Gramercy, Flatiron District, Union Square

These three contiguous zones are quite posh (Narciso Rodriguez has his studio on Irving Place). It also has a cluster of celebrity-chef run restaurants and a good range of places to shop at — from mass-market to high-end.

Whitney lives here.

Dine @ Lyric Diner, Petite Abeille, The Smith
Drink @ The Cutting Room
Check out @ The Elektra on 290 Third Avenue, Whitney’s apartment interior
Also @ 325 Fifth Avenue, Whitney’s apartment exterior
And then @ Gramercy by Starck on 340 East 23rd Street, Erin’s apartment interior

Upper East Side
Think Sex and the City. Think Gossip Girl. Think feckless Olivia and her leech of a cousin, Nevan. Enough said.

Shop @ Bergdorf Goodman, and while you’re at it, grab a quick bite there
Dine @ La Goulue, Philippe (natch)

Ok, personally, my favorite Manhattan haunts are in SoHo, Chinatown, Midtown and The Upper East Side. This is where I go:

Shop @
- H&M on Broadway - cheap, trendy, what's not to like? There are 2 locations on Broadway, one near Dean & Deluca, the other near Old Navy
- Uniqlo on Broadway - the Japanese Gap
- MUJI on Broadway - lots of knick knacks to buy, with great clothes too
- Topshop on Broadway - it's a love affair!
- A.P.C. on Mercer St. - classic French basics
- Curve on Mercer St. - Isabel Marant, hello!

Dine @
- Thai Angel on Grand St. - Best Pad Thai, hands down
- Sunrise Mart on Broome St. - Japanese deli with the best french fries this side of town!
- Cafe Cafe on Broome St. - Paninis and freshly squeezed lemonade. Sigh!
- Bar 89 on Mercer St. - a plateful of nachos and hot sandwiches to share, a great pit stop to refuel in between shopping

Load up on supplies @
- Gourmet Garage on Broome St.
- Dean & Deluca on Broadway


Dine @
- Pings Seafood on Mott St. - Best dimsum place IMO
- Peking Duck House on Mott St. - for Peking Duck of course!
- Hop Kee on Mott St. - never tried but Sarj swears by it, will check it out soon!
- Pho Pasteur on Baxter St. - Vietnamese BBQ pork! The first thing I craved for as soon as my first trimester blues died down
- Chinatown Ice Cream Factory on Bayard St. - Red Mongo and Black Sesame ice cream anyone?

Load up on supplies @
- Mei Li Wah on Bayard St. - Freshly steamed/baked siopao, buy by the dozen! Freeze and enjoy when you feel like it!
- Some hole in the wall joint on Mott St., beside the chopsticks store - Taho!


Shop @
- Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Ave. - the shoe section is divine!
- Saks Fifth Avenue - they have amazing sales! This is where I stock up on skin care supplies
- Sephora on 5th Ave. - a haven for beauty supplies!
- Zara on 5th Ave. - cheap, fast fashion, when they go on sale, they go on sale!
- H&M on 5th Ave. - cheaper, faster fashion! This is where all the tourists go though.

Dine @
- Five Guys Burgers on W 55th St. - Dear Hubby and I raved about this for the longest time, until I tried
- Burger Joint at Parker Meridien on W 57th St. - this one takes the cake!

Wherever you end up, you'll only spend no more than $12 for a burger, fries, and a drink!

Upper East Side

Shop @
- Barneys - Love love love Barneys! This is where I go for shoes and denims! I can spend hours here! Wait for the Purple Card sales if you want to save!

Kill time @
- The Metropolitan Museum of Art on 5th Ave at 82nd Street - You can spend a day here and still not cover all the galleries! Oh, and don't let that $20 suggested fee turn you away. While it is recommended that you donate that much, you are free to give any amount below $20 =) The Museum Shop has a great selection of books too!


The Wardrobe Encyclopedia said...

Can I just say, your virtual tour of New York City's famous hotspots pretty much makes me feel nostalgic.

I love Soho, I loved Chinatown, I loved Bergdorf Goodman, and I loved Barney's. Brings back wonderful memories.

Hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll! If I get any more tours from you to the countries I haven't been to in the longest time, I'd be glad to read them again.


cd_mfo said...

Thanks! And sure! I would love it if you add me to your blog roll! =) I don't see myself traveling anytime soon but as soon as I do, I will definitely do a tour recap to share with everyone =)

Jenny said...

hi tin! how about new york with kids? will BE going holy week with naima (3y.o.) and my 1-year old niece, anya :D

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