Friday, May 15, 2009

Spread The Word, Not The Germs!

VMV has the cutest packaging for a hand-sanitizing gel ever!

Here's the news from VMV!

Who isn’t concerned about germs these days? Experts agree that the best way to ward off germs is frequent hand washing – with soap and water for at least 20 seconds – but if there’s no sink available, hand sanitizer makes a sensible stand-in. Some hand sanitizers can be drying, but not clinically proven VMV Hypoallergenics Kid Gloves Monolaurin Hand Sanitizer, which relies on coconut oil (cocos nucifera) – derived antiseptics to do its get-rid-of-dirty work.

“Kid Gloves Monolaurin Hand Sanitizer is a great way to help families stay a little safer during the current flu outbreak,” says Laura Verallo Bertotto, CEO of VMV Hypoallergenics. “And by offering this product at up to 33% off during the month of May, we also hope we can make it easier for families to utilize this resource.”

Kid Gloves Monolaurin Hand Sanitizer is available for P750 (250ml) at all VMV Skin Specialists Boutiques and selected counters. And now, receive 25% off from May 5 until June 5. Purchase two bottles of Kid Gloves Monolaurin Hand Sanitizer at 25%off and get one bottle FREE (that’s a total 33% discount!).

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tt said...

There are cute gloves for kids at that help protect from germs and the cold. People love the way these gloves feel !

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