Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Surprise Shower for Berry!

Last Saturday, Dear Hubby and our friends Me-an, Eric and Ivy planned a surprise shower for Berry and myself!

Ivy thought of doing a Tea Party theme, and they all brainstormed on the menu, complete with salmon & cream cheese and cucumber tea sandwiches, a chocolate cake from Financier, home baked Food for the Gods, crackers with pancetta, cheesecake from Junior's, a host of other goodies and various kinds of tea (5 out of 6 were decaffeinated, but I ended up drinking caffeinated earl gray creme from teany ooops!)! Eric, who normally comes home with stuff not included in Me-an's shopping list, hit a jackpot when he brought home fresh tulips, even without the girls prodding him to! Yes, he thought of buying the flowers by himself! We were all so impressed!

Me-an and Eric hosted the shower at their home. See how much of a surprise it was? My hair was still wet from the shower! Haha!

Guests included our friends through the years, from childhood to graduate school to now - Shizuka, Jens, Apoorv, Sarj, Toni, Tet (with Eli), Ivy, Peter...

Chester, Tots, Cathy, Lucy, Adrian...

Bads, Cathy and Celine...

Plus the Foussards!

The afternoon was filled with super fun games, and our friends loved the prizes that Me-an had for them! Me-an really thought of things I would have picked out myself. She really knows me so well, because I would have loved to receive the prizes we gave out, hahaha!

Shizuka won "Mrs. Wright's" pass the ball game! She brought home Nina Garcia's Little Black Book of Style.

We had a "Feed the Baby Game", but instead of getting the boys to eat mashed green peas, they got fruity applesauce. So it wasn't such a tough game. Haha!

Tots brought home a box of cupcake recipes and Ches got a Bombay paperweight for the office!

Celine, our resident gourmand, won the "Guess The Baby Food Flavor?" game! Score? 6 out of 7! Not bad at all! She brought home a pampering foot spa gift set!

The boys had fun too with a beer filled (iced tea for Tuscany, the youngest man in the game) baby bottle drinking contest!

Tuscany won! Sucking from a bottle must have been still fresh in his mind, heehee. He won a hardbound copy of "How To Be A Gentleman"...

The most challenging game of all was when everyone was asked to draw Berry's face on a paper plate, while it rested on top of their head! Our top three artists were Sarj, Cathy and Lucy!

Sarj won! She got a curious little black box from home goods store Bombay!

After another meal of Filipino food complete with BBQ, lumpia shanghai, pancit palabok, fruit salad and turon (hey, a Filipino gathering isn't complete without "real" as in filling food! Haha!), it was time to open gifts! We got lots of cute stuff! I think Berry inspired everyone to come up with the prettiest blankets, sleepwear, play clothes and dresses! With Berry and I, is our youngest guest, Eliana! She gave Berry plush toy cubes and three sets of dresses! Thank you Eli!

After an afternoon filled with delicious food, fun games, amazing prizes and the gifts on our wishlist, everybody brought home tea-party inspired souvenirs as a memento of our shower! A tea infuser and home-baked cookie bars!

Thanks Daddy Harvey, Tita Me-an, Tito Eric and Tita Ivy! =)

Thanks to Ruby Gan too for my Randy Ortiz dress from Myth! I love it! The girls love it! =)


kookie kulasa said...

what a nice baby shower! I love the game prizes and the souvenirs! :)

Esme said...

Wow, what a fabulous baby shower.
And Nina Garcia's Little Book for a prize? WOW!

Vanessa said...

How lovely! I am especially liked the giveaways!

celine said...

Grr my only mistake was guessing pumpkin instead of butternut squash! So close! But it's okay, still got my feet pampering set --- a total luxury in this pedestrian city! Can't wait to see Berry, Tin! Konti na lang!

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