Sunday, June 21, 2009

A BERRY Important Announcement!

First, and most important of all, I would like to introduce myself! My name is Berry, and Mommy tells me that you have all been looking forward to meeting me! So, here's a hello to my family, mommy and daddy's friends, and mommy's online/blogging buddies! Sorry if I don't look too friendly in this photo, I was just 2 days old here and I'm not too pleased with my outfit. I find my beanie, top and mittens a bit too loose! I promise to gain more weight so I look better in my future outfit shots, heehee!

Second, I want to greet my Dada a "Happy Father's Day!!!" I would like to believe I am the greatest Father's Day gift ever because I made it just on time to personally be there for Dada! This was me, the day I came out of my watery world and straight into Mom and Dada's arms!

Third, I just want to let you know that I'm still a bit tired from the events of the last few days, so excuse me if I always seem to be sleeping in my photos. This was taken yesterday, while Mom and I were having some down time. Honestly, I find Vogue boring, so I just let Mom flip through the pages while I sleep...(Btw, my Mom is vain and she wants to let you all know that she is doing "ge lai" so she can't take a proper bath yet and wash her hair. She hasn't been getting enough sleep too, but that's not my fault, I really feel hungry all the time, like every 2 hours! So please excuse her as she is tired and doesn't look "fresh" here, unlike me, heeheehee!)

Now, excuse me as I get some more sleep. I can't wait to wear and use all the cute and pretty things you sent me! I need to get bigger so I can model everything for you! I promise to see you all again very soon! Toodles!


Berry =)


khaz said...

hi berry! welcome to the world. :D

k said...

aww isn't she the cutest little thing? congrats cd on your bouncing healthy baby girl!

Anonymous said...

i love it!! more berry updates please! what is her baptismal name?

Cosmopolicious said...

OMG she's adorable!! Love the last pic. All the best to the 3 of you.
xoxo, Marie

Pam said...

Congratulations Harvs & Tin! Berry is adorable! And Tin, you look gorgeous! You're really gonna do the Chinese thing and not take a bath for a month?! I love that last picture of Berry. What a beautiful baby!

Unknown said...

congratulations...Berry so cute...even though she's only two days old...=)

kaye i. said...

OMG hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii baby Berry!!!! You're such a cutie.

Congratulations MFO :) What a perfect Father's Day present for your hubby.

jp303 said...

Welcome to world Berry! Conrgats to the new parents ; ) God Bless!

Anonymous said...

hi berry!!

nice to meet you!!

we've been waiting for you for so long.

you're so cute and adorable in your outfit..

hugs and kisses for you!

May-ann said...

Congrats Harvs and Tin :) And hello to Berry. What an adorable little girl!

Avenue Junkie said...

Tin congrats... HIHI, I found you while setting up my new travel/fashion blog kasi I needed posts like events and promos... Googled and yeah you are on top of the list... Been a lurker for a few months na...

My family says hello lalo na sina Daddy and Mommy. Saw Tito and Tita sa libing ng Lolo ko, they went and told us nga na you're on the way na. Punta nga daw sila jan this July. Welcome to the Mommy World! Have fun!

Sharie Bernardo-Anchinges (in case you get all surprised receiving comments from Litzie aka Charie aka Avenue Junkie. LOL.

Looking forward to more photos of Berry.

Darlene said...

Cheers! Berry is adorable and her mini clothes are cute.

Little Lady said...

congratulations! hello there berry! :)

Lisa said...

Oh wow, congratulations cd! Berry is gorgeous and she looks like such a sweetie. What a wonderful Father's Day to celebrate in your household. =)

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


congrats tin!! super cute ni berry.. and mom's looking good too!

welcome to the world baby girl :)


Tasha said...

Congratulations! Such an adorable baby!

Marissa said...

Congratulations Tin and Harvey! Can't wait to see Berry in future outfits!

ledz said...

Berry is super cute!!

michelle said...

she's so cute. love you blog :)

RubyG said...


Berry's post is the cutest!!! And so, you're on ge-lai?! Are you using your dry shampoo? Who's feeding you 6x a day with food cooked in sesame oil?

Take care!

KayAnne said...

oh so adorable and lovely little Berry! :) congratulations ate Tin and kuya Harvey (and happy father's day too)!

Styles I Love said...

congrats tintin! the wait was well worth it! berry's so friggin' adorable! :)

Mrs.T said...

I love Berry already!!! She is just sooo cute!!! Wish I was there to meet her :( I love that we share the same Bday too heehee :D
and tin, enjoy ge lai hehehe!!


raissa said...

Awww so cute!

Welcome to the world Berry!

Congratulations Harvey and Tin.

Happy Father's Day to Harvey!!

Karrots said...

Hi Berry!! Welcome to the world! Look at you, you're already a star!!

Big congrats to your mom and dad!

Love from groovy Manila!!

celine said...

soooooo adorable! can't wait to meet your little bundle of joy :-)

Unknown said...

HI BERRY! you are so adorable and cute...:)

ate tin, congrats to both of you and your husband...

Vanessa said...

So adorable! Congratulations on your pretty bundle of joy! :-)

Diana G. said...

Awww... She's so dainty.. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! She's adorable...

I love reading your blog!!

Ann Cas

ssiotin said...

Congratulations Tin, I'm an avid reader of your blog:D

Hello to Berry, she's so pretty!

kong-chu said...

Hello, I love your blog! :)

Congratulations on your little girl (we call ours Belly, instead :p)

Have fun with motherhood!

Meryl said...

Congrats on your adorable and pretty baby! :D

Jill said...

Ate Tin, congrats to you and Ahya Harvey! Good luck to your "ge lai"! Isang buwang walang ligo? Hahaha Chinese ka nadin talaga! Berry na ba name ni Berry? Dianne said shell be a Lauren? Nice name. Anyways, take care! :)

cd_mfo said...

Thanks khaz!

Heehee, thanks k!

Thanks Cecile! Her real name is Lauren!

Heehee, that's my fave too! Thanks Marie!

Hi Pam! I will try my best, hahaha! 1 week down, 3 more to go! And thanks so much! =)

Awww, thanks Ryan/Kristine! =)

Heehee, you're right k604bc! She's the best Dad's day gift to Dear Hubby ever!

Thanks Jessica!

Heehee, thanks Anon! More of Berry's outfits to come! =)

Awww, thanks May-ann!

cd_mfo said...

Thanks Sharie! How funny to bump into you here of all places! Sorry to hear about your lolo =( and please send my regards to your family!

Heehee, Thanks Darlene! =)

Berry says "Hi!" back Little Lady! =)

Thanks Lisa! Father's Day was really extra special this year!

Thanks Anon!

Awww, thanks so much for the morale booster Ella! Haha!

Thanks Tasha!

Thanks Issh! We'll definitely do photo shoots with Berry as much as we can heehee!

Thanks Iedz!

Thanks Michelle!

cd_mfo said...

Ruby! Heehee! Yes I am! My MIL is here and I'm doing all I should for ge lai hehe! I'll see if I can do w/o a bath for a month! Hahaha!

Heehee, thanks KayAnne!

Thanks Bobby! Super worth the wait! =)

Awww, thanks Ing! And hahaha! I will try my best to "enjoy" it! Hahaha!

Thanks Raissa!

Thanks Karrots! From Berry the Star, heehee!

Tita Cel! Come and visit Berry!

Heehee, thanks Trina!

Awww, thanks Vanessa!

Thanks Diana G.! =)

cd_mfo said...

Awww, thanks Shirlyn, Berry is very flattered, heehee!

Thanks Kong-Chu! And hello to Belly from Berry! Heehee!

Awww, thank you Meryl!

Hi Jill! Hahaha! I will try!!! And yup! Her real name is Lauren! =) Thanks thanks!

trina said...

berry!!! i love you!!! we'll have so much fun as you grow older! i cannot wait. i call you everyday to ask to speak with you, but your mommy says you are busy eating or sleeping or crying or pooping to talk to me... and she cannot even pencil me in your calendar to schedule an appointment. well, i'll try to be there soon so you cannot avoid me any longer! welcome berry girl!! you are now a real earthling!

tita trina

tinkikay said...

happy that you and the baby are great and healthy! congrats and welcome berry! :)

Anonymous said...

hi ms tin! congratulations!!!
- mrs. a

cd_mfo said...

Haha! Yeah, it's hard to squeeze you into Berry's schedule Trina! You'd have to come here personally!

Thanks tinkikay! =)

Thanks mrs. a! =)

Anonymous said...

I am delurking to say Hi Berry!!! Welcome to the world.

- Jessica, Quezon City

cd_mfo said...

Heehee, hi Jessica! Thanks for saying hello to Berry!

cheeky_deb said...


MrsLavendula said...

wow! ive been away too long! congrats! she's a cutie!

Ina said...

Hey! It's the first time I saw Berry! Lovely name. :-) And yes, mommy got a girl! How fitting. Enjoy dressing her up!

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