Thursday, June 11, 2009

CONTEST TIME: Envirosax Father's Day Giveaway!!!

Father's Day is just right around the corner (Sunday, June 21), so make sure you have something for Dad, other than a Callaway driver, a Lacoste shirt or goodness forbid, a pack of socks! ;) Why not throw in a little something something too, like coffee or massage gift certificates, and hmmm, how about 2 Envirosax bags care of yours truly and Envirosax?

Yup! We're giving away 2 Envirosax bags from the more masculine Oxford and Retro Graphic Collections to 1 lucky reader! How? It's simple!

1. Just pick two bags from below (choose two out of any of the ten designs)
2. Leave a comment, and tell us why you want to win Envirosax bags for Dear Dad! Don't forget to include a contact email address!

The bags will be shipped to you or Dad, any where in the world, directly from Australia!

Click on image to enlarge for easy pickins':

I'll pick the prize winner by June 15 (12 midnight Manila time, June 14 12 pm US EST), and I will contact you to get your shipping details, so that your prize will be ready by Father's Day!

About Envirosax:

I've been an advocate of reusable shopping totes, especially cute ones and I've written about Envirosax bags here, here and here.

Envirosax bags from the Graphic Series are made of lightweight polyester, and are portable, waterproof, and weigh just 1.4oz each. These groovy bags are available individually or as a series of 5 contained within a handy pouch. With reinforced seams, each surprisingly large bag can hold a weight the equivalent of two supermarket plastic bags.

Bag dimensions (unrolled) 19.5” x 16.5”
Weight capacity 44 lbs
Bag dimensions (rolled-up) 4” x 1.5”
Bag weight 1.4 oz
Pouch size 9” x 6”

Will Dad Like An Envirosax Bag?

Why yes, of course! My Dad has his own stash of reusable shopping totes, thanks to my influence (ehem!). He uses one for his golf shoes, and another for sweaty golf shirts. It's also useful for setting aside used clothes when he's traveling. And of course, it comes in handy for last minute duty free shopping, when there's no more space in his carry-on luggage!


Anonymous said...

Hello CD!

I want to win the Envirosax (Retro Graphic 1 and 2) for my dearest dad! I know that he'll be able to put the Envirosax to good use when he goes out to do his favorite hobby - grocery shopping! I've been trying to convince him to switch from plastic bags, which we accumulate like crazy because of his daily trips to the grocery, to earth friendly bags like the Envirosax! Yey for dad, yey for the environment!

Liza A.

Tasha said...

Oxford Bag 2
Retro Bag 5

My Dad will absolutely love an Envirosax Bag. This would really be useful whenever he goes to local farmer's markets on the weekends to stock up on fresh, organic produce and unique home-cooked delicacies from the different regions. Plus, the prints would be really perfect for him! He likes to match the colors of his outfit to the rubber shoes he wears (on weekends, that is), so I guess now he can match his outfits to his Envirosax bag!

Giada said...

I really hope and pray I win this contest... :)

I want to win Envirosax for my "Tatay" because he is simply not an environemental friendly citizen. These bags may be a good start for him to help save our dear planet Earth!=D

Maria said...

I think my dad will like the retro graphic bag 2. He's always been a retro/hippie guy.

We recently migrated here in Canada and my dad will stay with us for only 6 weeks. After that, he will go back to the Philippines to take care of my mother's parents.

Given a chance, I would like to give this bag as a parting gift before he goes home. This will be the first time that our family would be separated from him for a long time. I think that he is making a big sacrifice just to be able to take care of his in-laws.

MrsLavendula said...

I would love the envirosax retro graphic 1 & 2.
Because all my enviro bags are too girlish, dear dad always feels awkward carrying them after grocery shopping. These would be the perfect solution!

Anonymous said...

oxford bag 3
retro graphic 1

bec my dad is starting to become hip! he's been wearing custom fit RL shirts, two-tone lacoste shirts, slim fit jeans, and boat shoes from crocs!
he also stopped wearing his daddy watch and traded it for a sportier nike one.
those bags will go well with this hip new look! :-)


Marissa said...

I want to win the Oxford 4 and Retro 4 Envirosax for my Dad simply because he deserves it! My Dad has always been the one person I would look up to and try to follow. He's the reason I am the person I am right now.
Dad will find the Envirosax extremely useful when he brings around his organic vegetables and when he buys toys for his grandson.


jp303 said...

Oxford Bag 5
Retro Graphic Bag 1

One of my fondest memories of my dad and I as a child was when he would wake me up on Sunday mornings and go with him to the market. My dad does the market duties in the family and he would teach me how to buy fresh finds in the market and brag me to his "suki" in the market that I'm his daughter(hehehe...) Then we usually have a nice breakfast together on the Tropical Hut Hambuger joint nearby ; )

I would love to introduce this Envirosax bags to my dad. He would be able to use it when he goes to the market and even when he plays tennis on weekends.


Diana G. said...

Would love to win the Oxford 2 and 3 for my dad which he can use for his sweaty gym clothes.

My dad has taken on a more youthful and hip approach to life ever since he was diagnosed to be borderline diabetic. He's been working out in the gym, has taken up biking and has been eating healthy since then. I love that my dad has taken all these changes in his health and age in a very positive manner!

Also, it would be grand for him to have these bags to match the Envirosax bags I and my sister have. :)


Tasha said...

Hi! This is Tasha. I forgot to leave my email address with my entry. It's

ripdiet at yahoo dot com :)

Mhine said...


I hope I will get the envirosax (Oxford bag 4 & Retro Graphic Bag 1) for my ever dearest Hubby..This biker Dad of my 2yr old boy loves outdoor and usually bike during weekend at La Mesa Trail in QC a very nice place according to him to be close to our mother earth because of preserved forest...Anyway, I usually give him just a nice paper bag to put his stuff like towel, extra shirt, sunblock, cap and a little snack; and a plastic bag for the wet stuff.The oxford bag that I choose match his helmet and I'm sure he would love to have it for Fathers Day..thanks


cheryll ann said...

Hi! I would like to give the envirosax bag to my dad. He is the "shadow" of my mom and goes everywhere she goes! They are an ageing couple who would soon migrate to the US. My dad would always grab and carry my mom's stuff whenever they are in the mall or in the weekend market. I bet he would look sooo good w/ an envirosax bag! He can also use it to put his "pasalubongs" when going home to visit his siblings in the province, bring it with him in the hospital for his annual cystoscopy, stuff his "apos" (grandchildren) lampins and toys while playing with them, etc.

-- Oxford Bag 3
-- Retro Graphic 5

Cheers to all dads out there!!!


Joy Mesina-Bahia said...

The Oxford Bag 2 and the Retro Graphic Bag 5 look really fab! Sadly my dad passed away just this April 3...but it would be cool win win these for my husband. It's about time each of us do our share in caring for the environment. Saying "NO" to plastic bags would definitely be a start! =)...crossing fingers (and toes!) that I win!


Jaya said...

Oxford 2/Retro 5

I want to win Envirosax bags for Tatay because I miss him so much. My parents work abroad as I study in the Philippines. Giving him Envirosax bags will best share my love for him and for the environment.

Thank you so much.

blue_sapphire_16 at

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