Friday, June 05, 2009

Going Through A Quarter Life Crisis?

From the author, Michelle Meneses:

Among most twentysomethings, there is a personal or identity crisis that has become accepted, but mostly misunderstood – the quarterlife crisis. The latest book release of Milflores Publishing, Inc., “Floundering at 25: A Younglife Crisis,” talks about this obscure stage of pre-adulthood through a levelheaded conversation between two twentysomethings: its author and the reader.

I wrote this book in the hopes that I may be able to share what I know and what I have experienced to those who are going through the same crisis. I see it as a great opportunity to reach out to your twentysomething readers, and to let them know that there is a book out there that understands what they are going through – in the context of today’s society and Filipino culture.

I would be lying if I say I didn't go through a quarterlife crisis. At the time I was in the midst of it, I had just graduated from college, but I knew my life wasn't the life I was expecting it to be. I wanted to do something else, or be somewhere else, even if my work was interesting (and fun at times!) and the future seemed promising. I actually had no reason to go through a crisis. I guess it's just that time of adulthood wherein my inner drama queen took hold of me, haha. I had no family issues, no job issues, I was single and unattached, but settling down was the farthest thing on my mind. I was restless but I couldn't zoom in on the solution. It was a good thing I wasn't alone, because all my girl and gay friends (I'm actually not sure if guys get this, haha!) seemed to be going through it as well. We would meet up after work, hang-out and sleep over in each others homes on weekends, go on trips, attend mass and pray, shop together, talk about anything and everything over dinner or coffee, and just basically get it out of our system. Looking back, the fact that we were aware that we were having a quarterlife crisis and just being there for each other helped a lot.

Now if you think reading this book is an added bonus that will help you go through it, by all means, do whatever it takes! After all, just the idea of knowing that you are not alone in your misery and having a book by your bedside to turn to when friends are not available and you're at your lowest can be a relief. As far as I know, a quarterlife crisis, happily, is a temporary thing. I'd like to believe my friends and I turned out to be mature, well-adjusted adults, most of us now happily married and starting families, doing the things we've always said we wanted to do, and as corny as it sounds, are in a good place. So yeah, just deal with drama the best way you think possible (and support Filipino authors while you're at it - as Rakiel pointed out!), and know that it will pass!

Michelle B. Meneses graduated from the Ateneo de Manila University with a degree in Management Information Systems. She is currently doing PR and Marketing consultancy for a fashion retail brand. This is her first book.

Bernie Sim of designed the cover of “Floundering at 25” and Zenaida N. Ebalan did the layout.

The book is available at all National Book Store and PowerBooks branches, U.P. Press Book Store, Solidaridad, Popular, and other major book stores at P250.00 per copy.


RAKIEL said...


We really should support Filipino Writers

cd_mfo said...

Totally agree Rakiel! =)

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