Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Weeksary Berry! + Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Today, June 24, Berry turned 1 week old!

From this little squirt, fresh from Mommy's tummy one week ago...

She has cleaned up quite well with daily sponge baths...heeheehee. We still haven't figured out who she looks like exactly. At first glance, she looks like me. But when we look long and hard, she turns into Dada's mini-me! There are angles where she looks like a little Tintin, some angles, the resemblance to Dada is very distinct. We've come to an agreement that she's a split...hahaha!

Some Berry important milestones on her first week:

- She is a healthy baby! Her Apgar score was in the high 9s, hearing is perfect, and she passed meconium right away. Except she was slightly jaundiced when she was discharged from the hospital but the pedia said it's nothing that water and sunlight can't fix!
- She latched on perfectly for breast feeding on her very first try! Even the lactation consultant was so surprised, she said "Oh, guess you don't need me here!". What a good girl! Not only will she get all the health benefits of breast feeding, we will get to save lots of $$$ because we don't have to buy formula! That means, mommy's shopping fund safe! Oh, I mean, Berry's Ivy League (or fashion school, wherever she decides) fund is safe, hahaha!
- She is a bit of a crocodile. Anything that comes into contact with her lips, she wants it in her mouth - Dada's finger, Mom's arm, her bib, her shirt, her mittens, nothing is safe!
- Our doctors (both the OB and the pedia) and the lactation consultant said never offer breast milk with formula, but for Berry, she never gets confused, and she never picks one over the other. She'll take milk in whatever shape or form! She's breast fed the entire day, except for her 12 midnight feeding time. Because formula is heavier on the tummy, we feed her that so we can at least get 3-4 hours of straight sleep in the evenings. So far this strategy works.
- She can't be fooled. She'll take anything - breast milk, formula (we got to take home a lot of the hospital supplied 2 oz. Similac bottles from the hospital thanks to the nurses!) and water, but she won't use a pacifier! She knows she won't get anything out of it! Very smart!
- She is so smart really, when it comes to food. She likes holding on to her bottle, and when she wants more breast milk, she knows she just has to scratch Mom's boobies and pucker her lips when we sleep side by side at night!

- Amah (Dada's Mom) says we need an octopus to take care of Berry. While Amah is giving her a sponge bath, Mom is giving her water to suck on. While Amah massages Berry's legs, Mom is drying Berry's hair and brushing it. When her diaper is being changed, she sucks at the air while wailing loudly, expressing her need for milk RIGHT NOW! This girl needs full service deluxe all the time! Whatta Diva!
- She cries with real tears! Usually, real tears start flowing at the end of baby's first month...
- Berry's umbilical cord fell off one week after her birth date!

Oh oh oh! And she can mowdel! Amah gave her the coral bracelets that Dada wore when he was a baby. And to make it real pretty, Amah strung gold balls in between. We wanted her to show off her bracelets to her grandparents and aunties and uncles back home so we did a photoshoot. Look at how graceful her hands are...

When she opened her eyes slightly to check out why we were all fussing around her, I told her to look at the camera and show her bracelet. Guess what she did! She looked at the camera and raised her left hand all by herself! No kidding! We were all so amazed! It's probably just a coincidence, but I would like to think she knew what she was doing! Hahaha!

June 24 not only marks Berry's first week in this world. It's also my Dada's birthday! So Happy Birthday Dad! From your Dychiao family!

I always use this photo of my Dada in my blog even though it's almost five years old and he retired from the AFP 4 years ago. My Dada has to be forced to give a huge smile in posed photos, but the Tatler folks got him to smile here. Heehee. And I am always proud of what he has accomplished considering his humble beginnings.

See, this was during his birthday at home, two years ago. (Funny story, check out the 8 candle, Conti's gave me a 0 instead of an 8 and to rectify the situation, I used ketchup to make it look like an 8! Clever huh?! Hahaha!)

So Dad, as my birthday gift to you, first there was me...

Now there's 3 who love you through and through! Harvey, Berry and me!


trena said...

hey!!! there's also me and the other 3 and jun!!! happy birthday, daddy!

berry's hands are big!!! long spidery!

Meryl said...

Aww, such a cute baby!

Vanessa said...

Your little girl has a lush full head of hair already! How lovely is that!

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha, fine Trina! Oh and yes, she has very graceful hands!

Thanks Meryl! =)

My dad says he has Chinese blood from his mom's side Tracy =)

Heehee, yes Vanessa! I can't wait for it to grow long so I can put clips and ribbons!

Rachel Logan said...

Congratulations on your baby, Berry! :)

cd_mfo said...

Thank you Rachel! =)

KayAnne said...

Fashion blog becomes a Berry blog! Heehee! I love it both ways. :)

Pretty little Berry! I can't help but notice how her hand was grasping the bottle in the third photo, how cute! And at one week!

Btw, happy birthday tito Efren!

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