Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pantene's Mane Event with Louis Kee

Pantene’s Mane Event shines the spotlight on Asian hairstyles

Fab Shags… Blunt Bobs… Edged-out Layers … from the latest Hong Kong flick on the big screen to the most-watched koreanovelas on TV, there’s no denying that Asian hairstyles are hot and happening.

And to help Filipinas achieve their dream Asian hairstyle, Hong Kong hair master and Pantene Council of Stylist member Louis Kee recently hosted the HK Mane Event at his Louis Phillip Kee Salon at the Fort.

The event was an intimate gathering dedicated to uncovering the latest trends in Asian hairstyles, a topic that is the special expertise of the Hong Kong bred stylist.

They’re becoming more popular here in the Philippines as the Asian telenovelas play a major influence in the introduction of these styles, and to a certain point, to making it commercial,” Kee explained.

He went on to describe what makes Asian hairstyles so distinct.

Asian hair is actually sleeker and shinier than Caucasian hair and its naturally dark color help makes styles look very defined,” Kee explained. “Then there’s that heavy anime influence; many styles try to execute these looks as closely as possible to have styles that can look both wild and flirty at the same time. You see this a lot with male hairstyles, they have an untamed look that are playfully sexy, and can really make a statement.

When it comes to women’s hairstyles, Kee said that “one of the most popular looks today, for women, is a short, cropped style with fringed ends and straight bangs.

For Filipinas who like long hair, the trend is to have beautiful curls with the sometimes added slanted bang. And having shiny straight hair is a timeless look, as exemplified by Hollywood star, Lucy Liu.

He then demonstrated his hair mastery by giving lucky participants their dream Asian hairstyle and sharing tips on how women can get and maintain a fabulous mane.

(Here's my SIL Leslie who was looking forward to a new look! Lucky she got chosen to get a hair cut right there and then!)

(The final "product", Leslie's HK movie star hair, heehee!)

(Benj, Helga and Leslie modeling their sleek new cuts from Louis Kee himself!)

To help maintain the avant-garde Asian hairstyle, he advocated using either mousse or wax to make layers, curls and fringes more defined; and recommended shine serum to give sleek bobs their signature luster.

For styling tools, Kee advised that women use a ceramic flat iron or curling iron to help further dramatize these styles. Ceramic tools have protective elements that keep hair from drying out, allowing your hair to retain its moisture and shine. They also have a smooth surface that doesn't tear or break the hair and its surface heats uniformly without damaging hot spots.

He also recommends using Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Treatment to help restore life to dull, limp, chemically and environmentally damaged hair.

Pantene’s 3 Minute Miracle Ampoule is a deep conditioning treatment that promises to help repair 3 months of hair damage in just 3 minutes. It has a unique formula that helps repair and strengthen hair inside and out, with Amino Pro-Vitamins that penetrate the hair strands to hydrate the inside of severely damaged hair, plus the advanced BT MAC ingredient that coats damaged hair strands and mimics the smooth outer layer of healthy hair, protecting your hair from further damage.

This excellent home hair care product is very effective, affordable, requires little time and produces instant results. You just need to give 3 minutes of your time for your hair to look its best,” Kee said.

With Anna Legarda (P&G Beauty Brand PR Manager), Sasha Manuel, Benj Espina, Helga Weber, Louis Kee, Leslie Dychiao, Bambi dela Cruz, Lorraine Dychiao, Jamie Paunan, Avin Torres and Fritz Tentativa

Thanks so much to Diet Pineda and Ampy Corpus of Campaigns PR for the invite! Leslie loved her hair, and Lorr just had to come back to get her hair styled as well!

LOUIS KEE of Louis Phillip Kee Hair Salon studied styling Rever in Hong Kong and furthered his training in Mayfair in London with the Vidal Sassoon Academy. He further pursued his passion for hair at the Toni & Guy Academy in 1982 at Christophers Place after he met Anthony Mascolo at The Hair Convention in Hong Kong. He has served as a judge in prestigious hair competitions like The Hair Convention in Hong Kong and Hair Asia in the Philippines. He recently opened his own salon in the Philippines, Louis Phillip Kee Hair Salon at G/F McKinley Place, 5th Avenue cor. 25th St. Fort Bonifacio Tel no. 856-3388.

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louis is good in hairstyling but he leave his children without a shelter and he did not help him to have a house and his legitimate children is jst elementary graduate.her daughter begs him to help her but he did not help he jst ignore it...what kind of father is that?

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