Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pretty Little Trinkets

Sometimes I find it funny that while I studied Business Economics in UP Diliman, and took my MBA at AIM, here I am now, a housewife, preoccupied with this fashion blog, writing about cuteness and whatever I fancy for Sanriotown, and coming out with stories on fashion for the Radar/Philippine Star. It's funny because I have never been at my happiest "career-wise" than I am now. I am doing the things that I love, what I've always wanted to do, and I feel so lucky! Not to say I regret the years I've spent staring at financial statements, doing projections, researching and writing project proposals, etc. because down the road, I know that I will go into running my own business and all that discipline will come in handy.

So it was doubly amusing when I re-connected with an old classmate from college, Paul Syjuco, who also strayed away from the typical career path that Econ majors take. He became a G.I.A. trained gemologist and jewelry designer after a stint in the financial markets, realizing that he needed a creative outlet. Then again, he is also a third generation jeweler so design and an appreciation for stones is in his DNA. Check out some of his designs:

While he has ready-made pieces available in his store, he also makes bespoke jewelry and it takes approximately four to six weeks to have your own custom creation. For more about Paul's designs, check out his site here or visit:

Lobby Level, TriNoma Mall
EDSA corner North Avenue
1110 Quezon City, Philippines

+63(2) 943.1524
+63(917) 840.4788

To meet with Paul Syjuco, please call to make an appointment.


Cosmopolicious said...

hahaha. you know Paul too?!
He was a classmate of Doo! ;-)
I love his pieces!!

cd_mfo said...

Omg! Small world talaga Marie! Hahaha!

Styles I Love said...

hey tintin!

great to hear about your story! you see, i too was a business major and am currently looking at financial statements while trying to maintain the blog. glad to hear there is hope for me yet! hahahaha! :)

K said...

OMG what a coincidence! I just graduated from UP with a degree in BE too. Ironically though, I do not want a job analyzing financial statements. How ever did you get into the fashion/writing industry? Please do share. :)

cd_mfo said...

There is hope Bobby! You've got an eye for style, so believe it! Heehee! =)

Hey congratulations on your graduation K! I felt the same way when I graduated haha! Hmm, that will be a post of its own! Will work on it soon! Watch out for it! =)

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