Thursday, July 23, 2009

As Promised...

Remember when I told you to save some dough for Schu's coming batch of trendy "jazz" shoes and loafers?

Well, they're now here and it's time to flush out the cash! So make a run for your nearest Schu store!

Glorietta 3, Mobile No. +63915 576 18 00,
G/F, SM Mall of Asia, Mobile No. +63906 298 11 94,
M3, Ayala TriNoma, Mobile No. +63905 329 93 68
Chimes, Felcris Specialty Store, Mobile No. +63920 951 18 30
G/F, Ayala Cebu +63922 506 49 13
The 5th, Shangri-la Plaza, Tel. No. 634 95 96
Level 2, Robinson's Galleria, Tel. No. 634 91 35

Chocolate schu Bar, R2, Power Plant, Tel. No. 899 6997; Mobile No. 0927 552 7588

Oh! And I hope you've got some more crisp bills in your cookie jar for these lovelies that caught my eye!

Schu 1: Very Sea of Shoes-y!
Which folds up into a mid-calf lace-up bootie...

Schu 2: Similar to a pair of fringe sandals I saw at Urban Outfitters some time back!

Schu 3: Because I have a pair of dark green Schus that need to be retired...

Schu 4: Because a girl needs a great pair of grey sandals...

Schu 5: ...and blue "suede" shoes! (Seriously! Blue and grey are the "new neutrals" you've got to have in your closet!)

For more available styles, click here...

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