Thursday, August 13, 2009

Rock the Vote

Calling all googoo&gaga and Twilight fans! And well, everyone who appreciates great design! It's time to flex your clicking finger's muscles because we need your support! Fellow Pinoy and the creative brains behind googoo&gaga, AJ Dimarucot, is out to keep his Design by Humans Grand Prize title with this year's entry christened, "Twilight Rain" (inspired by wife Audrey's love for the movie Twilight)...

Here's how the shirts look!

Cool huh?! So please, sign-up and vote!

In conjunction with googoo&gaga's first year anniversary, once you've voted, leave a comment and mention that you're a fan of googoo&gaga! Should AJ win the grand prize once more, they will be giving away 5 sets of these shirts to 5 winners chosen at random from the comments section!

In case he doesn't win, well, they are still giving 5 googoo&gaga gift packs for your little ones, again chosen at random from the votes & comments section.

Please vote because the design with the MOST VOTES wins! Deadline for voting is until August 17, 2009!


Smogan Weed said...

those are beautiful, i would love to have one. definetely voted!

Tetet said...


We have another fellow pinoy who has entry too...ZEROBRIANT and his entry is Once in a blue moon...please vote too!

Unknown said...

Please note the voting is up to the 23rd, not the 17th! Thank you very much for all those who support and voted for AJ's "Twilight Rain" tee

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