Wednesday, September 02, 2009

NST2010 Day 2: Living In The Moment

By appreciating what I have, and taking the Supergas we got on clearance for a spin (i.e. staying home, not going online, so as not to look for more stuff to buy, hahaha!) ...

(Here's a trying hard Sea of Shoes candid picture, hahaha!)

Wearing an old Old Navy top and my worn-to-shreds (heehee, not literally, it was bought that way!) "maternity jeans", remember this?

Such a good buy these jeans, I can still wear them up to now! Oh, and I'm not the only one who has Supergas! I got one for my sister Trina...

...and my Mom has a pair too!

Check out above photo. That box underneath Berry's stroller, there's more underneath, all stuff bought online. We picked up the packages (take note, none of these mine) on our way out for a walk outside!

We're like a little posse these days. We shop together all the time and we keep on buying the same things. We call ourselves The Mean Girls (just because we're like a gang of girls when we go out, wearing similar stuff), and we call Berry our Queen Bee. She's the designated Queen Bee because our life revolves around her and all we do is aim to please her. So when we're out, when she starts to cry, even if we're in the midst of a shopping high, we need to pack up and leave in a snap, hahaha!

Oh well, those days of shopping, such a distant memory it seems...and it's only Day 2!


trina said...

berry my babygirl, i will miss you!!! you can stay with me in virginia!!! im teh favourite!!! im the favourite!!!

Lynn said...

good luck with the shopping ban! it's going to be hard with all the major sales going on right now. and fashion week is right around the corner.

hope your having a great labaor day weekend!

Anonymous said...

good luck with your shopping ban! :-)

i really enjoy reading your blog especially now with your daughter and all the things that come with motherhood!

i am now pregnant with our 2nd baby and just want to ask you if there were any particular skin/hair care products you used during your pregnancy that were very good?


cd_mfo said...

Awww, we miss you so much Tita Trina!

Thanks Lynn! So true! Too many temptations, must practice extreme self-control! =)

Thanks jcd! That's a great idea for a post! Will do one on that soon! =)

Nica said...

Hello! Saw this post ages ago and searched for it again as I'm looking for tips on how to penetrate the financial industry in Manila! Any wisdom you can impart? Your educational background is really inspiration worthy!- Nica

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