Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Shop & Save The Earth at Schu & Myth

Great news from Ruby of Schu and Myth! When you shop in her stores and you bring your own shopping bags, you get money back for more shopping! How can that be? Well read on:

Schu customers get P100 back if they use their own shopping bag. One schu paper bag can carry 1-3 pairs of shoes, which will be equivalent to a P100 discount from their total receipt. This only applies to schu shoes and bags, as other bag consignors opted not to join. For schu and other consigned small accessories, we give P50 off when customers choose not to use our bags. 1-3 fashion accessories can fit in one small-sized shopping bag. Note again that not ALL consignors chose to participate. Thus, the P50 discount will not apply to all.

For MYTH, if you buy 1 to 3 pieces of items that will fit in one shopping bag, you get P100 back as well. For smaller items like the cosmetic and hair care products, customers get P50 discount.

Php100 sure beats the $0.02/bag I get back when I use my Baggus and Envirosax bags when I go grocery shopping!


raissa said...

This is a great idea! I have been hoping that stores will start giving incentives when people come in and shop and bring in their own bags. Sadly, none of it here in L.A even when going grocery shopping. At least you get $0.02/bag there in NY here nil.

I hope more stores will do these. It give people the motivation to start re-using bags

Yay for schu and myth. Is this only for a limited run?

cd_mfo said...

I hope so too Raissa! And for now, it's an ongoing project, no end date as of yet! I hope people will really support this program!

prettypower said...

Hey Tin!!
Thank you for posting!
Yes, I didn't put an end date yet because I know this practice will take time. A friend told me that people do not really care about these things because there are more pressing matters that they have to deal with.
Now that the whole of Manila is under water, I just hope that this is a signal that saving Mother Earth is not a small thing that doesn't need attention...
And most of all, I just hope that ALL retailers do the same!

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