Thursday, October 08, 2009

5CM 2009 Fall/Winter Collection

No, these are not Looklet looks for men! Heehee! Although I am sure some guys there - like men's style blogger Bobby of Styles I Love would like that no?

On the subject of Looklet, I was part of the judging panel for my editor Cecile's Looklet contest in Chuvaness and that was a lot of fun! Thanks for getting me to put in my two cents worth Boss Chuva! Oh, and come to think of it, my third choice, Commander-in-Chic was styled by a straight guy (bordering on pervy according to the guy himself, uhm do straight guys admit to that? Anyway, I really liked his entry, and if not for the shoes, that would have been my top pick, because I love nautical stripes! But the Palladiums killed it. So folks remember, shoes can make or break an outfit!) My 5 stars went to Chill Pill, and as it turns out, was styled by Bobby's girlfriend. What a couple!

Anywho, I digress, my post for today is about 5CM, a brand from the I.T group in Hong Kong. 5CM's 2009 Fall/Winter Collection is out now and as you can see from the first five photos, there's plenty to like! I thought of posting my top 5 looks, but I decided, hey I like all these looks, I can't leave anything out! If I were a guy, I would so look like this. Heck, even if I'm a girl, and a mommy at that, I'd go to 5CM and get the XS of everything if possible! See?!

Entitled Against Nature it is inspired by the look of a globetrotting and adventurous urban traveler, mixing urban street style staples like fitted jackets and harem pants with country/outdoorsy essentials like plaid polos, v-neck sweaters, cardigans and vests.

It's a must to check out 5CM’s tees too, printed with images of the Mona Lisa, the goddess Venus, and the Guggenheim Museum. It adds an air of culture to your look, even if you haven't been to the Louvre or Manhattan's Upper East Side, heehee!

Visit the 5CM store at the 3rd floor of The Atrium at SM Megamall. 5CM is soon to open at SM Mall of Asia this October 2009.


AC said...

Hi Tin,

I've been meaning to ask bobby to email you and thank you for the top pick vote :) Thank you so much! really meant a lot, got kilig! i'm a fan, love love your blog and berry is such a darling. Thanks again.

AC - Bobby's gf :P

Styles I Love said...

Hey Tintin!

A Looklet for men would be oh so AWESOME! But these clothes from 5cm are not bad, not bad at all! Thanks for the shout out! :D

Styles I Love said...

Thanks super for voting for AC's Chill Pill entry! She may not have won, but praise from renowned people in the industry like you is definitely a welcome consolation! If my count's right, she scored the most 5's of all the designs di ba? Haha! She won in my book! So proud of her! :P

EjomLexus "F" said...

Unfortunately, Philippines is hot as Eychh. I could not wear those. But I really love it, especially the 4th,7th,10th,and 11th pictures.

Anyhoo, thanks for give me some fashion idea :3

cd_mfo said...

Awww, you're welcome AC! And good job! Keep on stylin'! =)

Bobby! You two are welcome! And you guys are so cute, both of you so into fashion!

You're welcome Ejom! Oh and, with the weird weather these days, maybe you might just have the chance to dress up like these! Heehee!

youth said...

hey i luv this post!
btw where did you find these images from?
also i think Undergroud from i.t. is also quite cool! have you got any idea where to find the photos??

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