Sunday, October 18, 2009

FitFlop Mukluk Boots

I can't believe I am saying this, but I'm liking these shearling boots from FitFlop! Is it because the model has mile long legs?

I never succumbed to Ugg boots, despite the freezing cold, because it just wasn't my kind of shoe. But these Fitflop Mukluks are different and better in so many ways:

1. FitFlops are super comfy. I would see women in Manhattan walking around in them but the platform soles and loud colors (blue, red, etc) really weren't my style. My mom got me hooked when I tried on her beige Walkstars and I loved how unobtrusive it looked. Plus I got a bounce to my step, literally. Oh, and get this - my mom is pushing 60 and she says she can walk 6 flights of stairs three times a day, in her FitFlops, without getting tired!

2. Thing is, I just wear mine at home, you know, around the house, like house slippers. I have no time to workout so I figured, might as well get a workout this way. The exercising factor, that's really just a bonus. I'm not too sure if my legs really look thinner and better, and if my posture improved, but as slippers, they really are the best slippers I've ever had. (And these do remind me of Islander slippers - which most Pinoys loved as kids, as Sarj pointed out, heehee) So this calls for FitFlops for outside!

3. They look sturdier than Uggs. Aesthetically, it looks different. Not as flat. Well, it's really the comfort factor that's getting to me.

4. They cost the same as the short Ugg Classic, so price wise, with both retailing at $140 a pair - no leading contender here. Although! If you buy the Mukluks from now, you get $25 off shoes that cost over $125 and these boots make the cut. There you go.

5. Ok, I have yet to try these on, but with my FitFlops as the gauge, it looks like these boots are made for winter walking.

Will I take the plunge? Actually, I'll have to see if I'll be going outside a lot. With winter coming early, I can see Berry and I will be staying home most of the time anyway. I almost always assess a purchase by using the practical mathematical formula Cost per Wear see? Plus, I need to take my shopping ban seriously. But in case some of you folks out there are in the market for winter boots, you know what to get!


abby said...

not into Uggs myself, but when I think about how warm my toes would feel when the Winter weather's at its worst makes me want to bite the bullet, but only for a fleeting moment. :D

i should probably practice that C/W formula myself!

cd_mfo said...

Abby! I sent the package to Manila already! Will do a post on that! And yes, C/W really works. Plus, it helps justify expensive purchases, hahaha!

fitflop said...

I can’t wear normal flip flops, or anything where there’s only a strap down over the toes, because I walk weird, apparently, and they just fly off my feet. The strap on the fit flops comes farther back toward the ankle so wearing them is a totally different experience. I wore them all summer and fall and, while I can’t say that I saw any specific health benefits in the sense of obviously burning more calories, they sure are squishy and comfortable to walk or stand in. I know they encouraged me to walk better (the way my physical therapist says I should walk) rolling evenly through my foot instead of just heel striking

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