Wednesday, October 14, 2009

my+brolly's Advocacy

Hey, are you the type to forget your umbrella? Then maybe you need a super special umbrella to keep you from forgetting! One that reminds you that the rain isn't something to fear (goodness knows how after Ondoy and Pepeng!), and could in fact even put a smile to your face, thanks to my+brolly!

my+brolly is BrightCloud’s advocacy for 2009. Part of the proceeds of my+brolly hand-painted umbrellas will be used to build the 5th WHEELMOBILE in the Philippines to provide transportation to wheelchair users around Metro Manila. (Can you just imagine how difficult it is for wheelchair users who do not have motorized wheelchairs or special cars to get around town?) Visit to know how you can help the Wheelmobile project.

Now, what's so special apart from the fact that you are contributing to a good cause and bringing home a pretty umbrella? my+brolly umbrellas are hand-painted by a husband and wife team, Malu & Allan. Malu is in a wheelchair, yet her imagination has already taken her around the world.

Here are the pretty pretty umbrellas that remind you of all that is sweet and nice when you look up to a gray, wet sky...

Chikadee Php999

How Kawaii Php1,200

Mr. Grumpy Php999

Sugar Sweet Php1,150

Sea Wonder Php1,350

Yummelon Php1,150

Oh, and to make your purchase even more special, there are only 25 pieces of each same design!

Go to to purchase your umbrella for a rainy day!


tin_tin said...

wow! thank you so much for sharing! =)

cd_mfo said...

You're welcome Tin!

Rhoda said...

i've always wanted to have a big yellow umbrella. Got that idea from the TV comedy series: How I Met Your Mother".

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