Friday, October 23, 2009

Triad Exhibit in Firma

Jewelry artists Michelline Syjuco, Kristine Dee and Paul Syjuco celebrated the opening of their exhibit in Firma yesterday, Oct 22, 2009, entitled Triad - An Approach to Futurism. As if that wasn't enough, Cicou Resturant's executive chef Cyrille Soenen prepared french desserts inspired by the jewelry pieces. Jewelry and sweet somethings, what a treat!

Being forward thinkers, Michelline, Kristine and Paul discussed the theme of futurism and came up with several concepts. For them it meant progress with a deep-seated respect for the past. It meant concern for the common good by doing things a little bit better along the way. It also meant, most importantly, creating new things with imagination and creativity.

The different design eras and paradigms expressed the future in different ways. The early twenties to forties envisioned the future rife with airplanes and flight as well as abstraction. Mid-century futurism contained visions of monorails and superhighways. There seemed to be a fixation with organic alien life forms, lasers, UFOs and space exploration in the sixties and seventies as well as parallel universes of mythical beings and objects in the eighties. However, these “Retro-futurist” pegs aren’t exactly what the artists pay tribute to. It is the constant attempt to experiment. It is the pushing of the mind to create concepts of external objects not present to the senses. And while we all know that most concepts of the past didn’t quite make the cut, being relegated to archives at best, it is the spirit of creativity and resourcefulness that is held high. After all, a lot of our perceived realities now were long ago only considered fantasies.

Here's a peek at the collection. Check the rest out in Firma! And be prepared to faint at the gorgeousness!

Michelline Syjuco:

Kristine Dee:

Paul Syjuco:

These pieces, along with the rest of the collection for the exhibit, will be exclusively displayed in Firma until Sunday, October 25. Thereafter, select pieces will remain on display in store.

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