Monday, November 23, 2009

Flavor of the Month

From what I have gleaned from your tips on what you want to see more of in this blog, there's a demand for outfit posts. As much as I love to dress up, I almost always have a uniform these days, hence the dearth in "sharing my outfit day" posts. Goodness knows, it should be a "sharing my outfit of the week (or month!)" now!

I know, eeewww!

But I usually just run out to do quick errands so I keep on repeating my clothes! Here'
s my flavor of the month:

Jeans: Gray zip leg skinny jeans from J Brand
Cashmere cardigan: J Crew
Army jacket: J Crew
T-shirt: Jimi Hendrix tee from Old Navy
Sneakers: Chuck Taylors

Got this vintage-y Jimi Hendrix tee from the men's section of Old Navy for only $10!

Love it! So rock and roll!

Incidentally, Jimi Hendrix was the visionaire who made military dress jackets of the Royal Hussar variety look so cool! Funny he has this fascination with military dress jackets (part of his fashion repertoire during his early days as a performer) when he was in fact asked to leave the army because he just wasn't cut out for it!

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