Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Much Do I Love Thee?

Too much that I can't let go! My French Sole ballet flats have been around for so long, practically worn every day since they were bought years ago that I just can't bear to throw them out even if they are showing signs of extreme wear.

With the way these shoes have been battered, Jane Winkworth, French Sole's founder would be so proud! This is what she told Vogue UK about how French Soles should be - "They're supposed to be indolent and sexy, slopped down a bit at the back and a bit scuffed up from where you've whipped them off and stuffed them in your handbag."

Part of the reason why I want to keep them is sentimental. I've had so many adventures in these shoes. Worn daily to work (back when I was still a working girl in Manila), to a wedding in Summit, NJ, and soaked them in the rain filled streets of SoHo (it was soaked through, I was afraid it was going to disintegrate). I've worn these to shopping expeditions and museum crawls all over, the trusted shoe when I know I have to dress for comfort. I've bought other ballet flats since, from Repetto to Lanvin, but given that these are the cheapest in the lot, they sure are up to par when it comes to softness and style!

So what did I do? I repaired these myself! Afraid that the shoe repair guy might tell me to just buy a new pair. Or worse, charge me as much as the shoe costs! And I can't bear to hear that! Hahaha!

I used a black grosgrain ribbon that was used to package a perfume bottle to cover the frayed parts...

Now it looks like new! Well, sort of. Hahaha!


Unknown said...

tin, yung akin nabutas while walking around during our honeymoon! i wore mine almost everyday too. they lasted for less than a year :(

i had to replace them so i got repettos. i don't wear them as much. design-wise i like french soles better (kasi may toe cleavage).

cd_mfo said...

Awww, so sad Chico! Mine is butas too! At the back, but that part I can't repair na =( But still, it has a lot of life left pa naman (naghihingalo nga lang! Haha)

I don't wear my Repettos as much too, especially now that it's cold. The leather sole won't stand to the cold pavement, unless it gets zipsoled. Better pa din the French Sole soles, and yeah, I like the toe cleavage too! Heehee!

Unknown said...

yung akin nabutas sa pinky toe part. now i want to get another pair of black french soles! the beige patent i got isn't as comfy.

now i'm always wearing the charles by charles david silver sandals i asked you to get. remember those? malapit na bumigay!

geez i wonder what brand can withstand the abuse i inflict on my footwear? haha!

The Bag Hag said...

Tin: NOT A BAD JOB! Can i send my shoes din for repair? Hahahaha *joke*
Seriously, pwedeng career na yan :D xx How's Berry na? I'll be stateside by the 19th til new year! :) we can talk longer this time!!

Joni Andrea said...

I love my Repettos but I've always been curious about French Sole. Are they as comfy? Since I started in our family business, I've shunned heels and have been wearing flats everyday. :)

Arlene said...

tin, i saw your thread and needle and I remember your excellent sewing skills and very clean back-side!

AEC said...

i feel for you. i have worn my ballet flats day in day out. but yours look really worn! battle scars! :)

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Sige Chico, when I come across a heavy duty kind of ballet flats I'll let you know! Heehee!

Pwede Ing! Why not?! I am a frustrated cobbler! Hahaha! And Yay! Talk to you then!

French Soles are super comfy Joni! If you love Repettos, you'll love French Soles too!

Hahaha! Oh yeah I remember those days! Thanks Arlene!

Super worn! Battle scars talaga AEC! =)

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