Sunday, November 01, 2009

Max’s P99 Value Meals

This post is making me hungry. And homesick. My Lola Imas loved Max's. Happy childhood memories. Sigh.

Meals that are heavy on the tummy but light on the pocket; this is what Max’s Restaurant offers to its customers with the all-new Max’s Php 99 Value Meals, four fresh value meal combinations that will reward you of great food without having to splurge:

1 - a combination of Max’s famous sarap-to-the-bones chicken with fried or fresh lumpiang ubod
2 - Max’s chicken with pancit luglog
3 - pancit canton and Max's chicken
4 - fried lumpiang shanghai with pancit luglog.

All meals come with rice and a glass of Pepsi!

Available starting October 26, 2009. Drop by at any Max’s Restaurant branch nearest you to get meals that give you real value for your hard-earned money. You may also visit Max's website for more information on Max’s new P99 value meal offerings.


Mav said...

I saw the billboard for this *heart thumping kuripot* ahaha

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! It is a good deal!

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