Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thank You Time! Part 8

So delayed! But Thanksgiving is a good reminder that there's so much to be thankful for!

Thanks Aunt Audrey & Uncle AJ for Berry's googoo&gaga onesies!

For googoo&gaga's Facebook fans, have you noticed how cute the profile picture is on the fan page? Guess who that is! Heehee! (Stage mother in the making!)

Thanks Aunt Mari of Goody Two Clothes for Berry's pretty clothes! Moms and Aunts, if you love the clothes in Ruth & Esther in Rockwell, you will love buying clothes for your little girl from Goody Two! Mari's picks are always adorable!

Thanks Aunt Mawee for Berry's first high heels! We all got a good laugh from these Heelarious heels! Looks so funny! Of course, Angkong did not approve! So conservative naman Angkong!

Here's Berry mowdeling her denim dress from Goody Two and red heels from Heelarious for us!

Ok ba?! Hahaha!


Mark said...

oh wow, these are awesome! I'll have to check out these sources of yours so I can pick some up for my lil girl. Grandpa has good taste even if it is conservative! hahaha.

Karrots said...

HEEL-arious nga! Wahahaha!! Hi Berry!!!

kong-chu said...

heelarious is sooo cute! wish i kewn about it when my little girl (aka Belly) was younger. she's almost 2 now and keeps on wearing my high heels!

cd_mfo said...

Awwww, your daughter is so cute! I can't wait for Berry to walk around in my high heels!

You gotta check these out stupidfresssh! It really is fun to dress up little girls!

Heehee! Hi back from Berry Karrots!

The Bag Hag said...

I love those shoes hahahah ;)

Mav said...

Berry is the cutest! already vote for her :)

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