Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Thanks Everyone and Congratulations AngelaL!

Thanks so much to all of you dear readers who joined my book giveaway! Your inputs and insights are much appreciated! With your tips in mind, I promise to give more of what you would like to read here. This blog will get better thanks to your help!

And to AngelaL! It sure was your lucky day! Heehee! Email me at manilafashionobserver@gmail.com and let me know which book you want, along with your contact information (email, address, and phone number)!

Oh, and because I am so happy with all of your suggestions, everyone who left comments in my birthday post must watch out for my Christmas/New Year giveaway! I'm doing a raffle amongst you, and 5 of you will get something special from me! ;)


tin_tin said...

Ohhh, goodie! This is soo much fun! Haha!

AngelaL said...

Hi Tin! :)

I'm still giddy for being the 33rd lucky commenter. I was never lucky sa mga ganito til now! Super thanks talaga. I'm not planning to tell my fam abt this. I wanna surprise them. They will definitely be as kilig as I am when they find out. I can just imagine the look on my li'l cousin's chubby face when she learns abt this. She's into fashion and has a penchant for shoes. And she just turned 4 this Nov! More power to your blog! Again, happy birthday and thank you!


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