Wednesday, December 02, 2009

New Labels On The Shopping Block: LYN, CC Double O, CPS Chaps

There are a couple of new labels in town by way of Thailand, adding variety to what Manila has to offer shopping wise!

First off, there's LYN Shoes and Accessories. The line carries everything from casual flats to sophisticated party heels. In addition to shoes, the brand also carries bags, small leather goods and jewelries. LYN is located at 2/F Greenbelt 5.

Next up is CC Double O, a label for both men and women, inspired by the American way of life - which means, sportswear! CC Double O is located at G/F SM Mall of Asia.

For this season, CC Double O’s main colors for the girls are Floral Pink, Ocean Blue, Wild Violet and Lemon Green. The Fall Collection includes foil print tops, boyish shirts and loose tops, jersey dresses, long shirt dresses and polo dresses. There's also a wide variety of denims in different styles and washes to choose form. Expect to see lots of Floral, dotted and checkered prints in this collection!

Inspiration for the men’s collection come from the"free spirited American rider" lifestyle. Car afficionados will like the series of graphic tees with vintage cars and vehicles as the theme. Guys, if you are into skinny jeans, you will find that here!

If CC Double O is all about classic, casual dressing, CPS Chaps is hip, edgy and urban.

What's in store? Neon brights and electric lights perfectly captured in its multicolored graphic tees and dresses for the ladies. Even the floral theme of the 50’s is brought back more alive and glamorous with unconventional flower prints and color combinations.

Men can expect a rocking new collection with signature outfits co-designed by Thailand superstar Ananda Everingham. He brings cool back to the winter season with the classic biker look.

CPS Chaps is located at G/F of Trinoma.


rica said...

I'm a fan of Fox, another brand brought in by the Bench group. CC Double O's clothes (especially the store interiors) look very much like Fox. I wonder if the price range is also like Fox?

Mark said...

The last couple of pictures with the ladies wearing the CPS CHAPS graphic tees reminds me of HELLZ BELLZ. The style illuminates sorta a fusion between the 80's and Rockabilly. I find it very amazing that the urban high fashion market is really taken over by us Filipinos. HELLZ BELLZ pretty much is dominating here in the US and Crooks and Castle, Mighty Healthy, soon Stackwell. I would love to see CPS CHAPS cross over-seas and see how they can expand in the U.S. Market!

cd_mfo said...

I'm not too sure Rica, but I would think the price points would be the same, given that they will bring labels that the market can support?

Wow, you sure know your labels Mark! CPS though is a Thai brand, but nevertheless, it would be great to see an Asian label (non Japanese) make it here!

Anonymous said...

do you know if CPS Chaps mens jeans can be purchased online and shipped to Australia?
i recently purchased a pair of jeans from their store in Bangkok and they are the best jeans and i would like to buy some more.
hoping you can help.
thanks x

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