Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Win a $50 Daffy's Gift Card!

Great news for readers based in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia! Plus readers with plans of visiting the aforementioned states any time soon! Daffy's, the popular discount retailer, is giving a $50 gift card to one lucky reader! And at Daffy's, you know, $50 will go a loooong way! Enough to get presents for a couple of your favorite folks!

How to win? Simple! Just leave a comment and tell us what you think about Daffy's first live movie advertisement! Last month, along with creative agency Johannes Leonardo, Daffy's presented the first live movie advertisement, a "commercial" that merged onscreen presentation with a real-life dance performance in New York City.

This is what the NY Times thinks about it. What do you think? Bring it on and one of you wins a $50 gift card from Daffy's!

We're accepting comments until December 12, 2009!


vcnb said...

That is something new! Usually, this would be the time when people would get up and get their popcorn or go to the restroom, but with this "commercial", it looks like it's something where people will stay and watch. It's creative and fun, it makes you stay on your seat. It's like getting two shows almost: the movie and the dance performance. Aside from that, it's smart that they filmed it because it could very well be another viral video. I live in New York, but honestly, I haven't been to Daffy's but hey, it was effective! I'm intrigued so I'd probably go check out what they have!

Unknown said...

i wish i could shop like that, just grab and go. the ad hits the nail with aiming to stay current. everyone is into flash mobs and musicals these days. if i have not heard of daffy's and saw that live performance, i'd bring out my iphone and google daffy's because it does pique the interest and looks like a fun place to shop. fortunately for me, i don't have to do that because i do know daffy's so well. i go to 3 different locations just to bargain hunt. grabbing stuff and just go is not really possible at daffy's as there are way too many options.

trina said...

it was entertaining, i liked the music and the dancers popping out in the cinema was pretty cool and unexpected. the clothes actually turned out well. only negative comment is it somewhat felt long.

Unknown said...

I enjoyed the commercial. It was very creative and attention grabbing.

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