Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Flippee From Simple Shoes

Simple Shoes has a new breakthrough line out called BIO.D - their first collection of biodegradable footwear whose soles biodegrade in a landfill environment in 20 years! If you think that's too long, consider this - EVA or rubber can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade!

From the BIO.D Collection comes Flippees for women and men. Simple’s Flippees are the first flipflops in the market to have biodegradable soles. This is because the sole is made of recycled and natural rubber with Eco-Pure additive to make the sole biodegrade in a landfill. Apart from that, it's got all these sustainable features any treehugging, granola crunching hippie would love!

* Vegan shoe! No animal byproducts or even regular animal products used
* Eco-Certified Nubuck sandal with ISO 14001 certified synthetic, waterproof nubuck straps
* Features a soft corrugated sole for maximum comfort with every step
* The foot form inserts are made of post consumer recycled paper
* Water based glue is used to hold the shoe together, not petroleum based (Just another way to reduce our dependence on petroleum, and it also means no nasty smelling glue for the people who put your shoes together)
* Comes in a biodegradable bag with a biodegradable hanger

Here's how Flippees look like:

Men's Flippee
- available in basic Black and in vintage Bison

Women's Flippee - available in bright Rosewine and in Black

About Simple® Shoes: Shoes For a Happy Planet™

Simple® Shoes is based in Santa Barbara, Calif., and is committed to making shoes for a happy planet. Simple Shoes began in 1991, as a reaction to the over-hyped, over-marketed, and over-teched sneakers that were dominating the early 90’s. Since then, Simple has firmly planted its feet in making the most sustainable and stylish shoes and bags for everyone, everywhere. Simple is owned by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, and can be found on Facebook and Multiply.

Simple Shoes started in the Philippines in late 2008 and they are currently available at Rustan’s Department Stores and the R.O.X Outdoor Store at the Fort. Simple Shoes is the leading eco-friendly footwear brand in the country.

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Becky said...

We got a pair at Santa Barbara last month and they are sweet!

Like walking on marshmallows :)

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