Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Peek Into NY Fashion Week

Hey, come with me! Let me show you something...

Tadaaa! Started last Thursday. The last time the tents are going to be in Bryant Park!

Here's what happens outside the tents, lots of onlookers, photographers, and curious tourists milling about. It's not really glam and intimidating. In reality, even the people inside the tents don't really dress up "dress up" you know. So I find it absurd how some people think they have to wear a cocktail dress to a show. It's just a show. Wear a nice dress or do as the French Voguettes do and just wear a blazer and jeans (of course they have that je ne sais quoi), that's gonna be fine. Or do what most people do, go all black! Unless you're wearing Rick Owens or Margiela, there's a chance you might get mistaken for a dresser or backstage help though. So forget I said that.

I thought I'd take a photo of the photographers and cameramen waiting for the celebrities to come out the tents. They're always behind the scenes, somebody ought to take a photo of them!

Hey, did that guy just point his camera at me and Berry?

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