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PlanToys® - Safe, Innovative and Green Toys for Kids

PlanToys® began from a simple yet profound question: What can a simple wooden toy do?

Almost 30 years later, see what they came up with - Different lines of playthings that are suited for each stage of a child’s development:

From simple stacking and sorting toys...

Geometric Sorting Board P995
Sorting Bus P1,450

To the PlanActivity line - a collection of ride-on toys that engage and develop a child’s gross motor skills, coordination, and balance: the Walking Elephant, the five-wheeled Scooter, and the durable Racing Car with its non-slip pedals and safety brake.

Lusitano P 7,650
Wooden Trike P 7,450
Walking Elephant P10,500
Racing Car P18,500

The bright, vibrant colors of the PlanKitchen series meanwhile, help develop a child’s fine and gross motor skills, balance and coordination while stimulating their creativity

Breakfast Menu P 1,150
Assorted Fruits & Vegetables P 1,150
Kitchen Center P14,500
Cooking Utensils P 995
Refrigerator P13,500
Toaster P 1,250

The PlanPreschool Push-Along Duck and the Shopping Cart are carefully and creatively made to encourage active play, movement, balance, and coordination.
Shopping Cart P 3,250
Push-Along Duck P1,450

The PlanCity Crane Set, a Parents’ Choice Award and Child’s Best Toy Award winner, is perfect for little boys that show an interest in constructing. The crane, which can turn 360 degrees and can be loaded with building materials, can engage a child’s imagination and logical thinking and language skills.

Crane Set P2,950

The PlanBuildImagination line, which features the highly fun and challenging Build N Spin, is an expandable and compatible block building system that can grow along with a child. From basic wooden blocks for simple stacking to specialty blocks and construction pieces for more elaborate structures, PlanBuildImagination helps kids design their own small kingdoms, serving as an avenue for imaginative fun and amazing discoveries.

Road & Rail Play Set - Railway Station P9,500
Airport P4,150
Mini Bulldozer P995

For bigger kids, the PlanDollhouse has won the Practical Preschool Award and the Good Toy Award by Play Matters from the United Kingdom. The Dollhouse ensures many hours of children enjoying themselves while decorating each floor, stimulating their creativity and imagination in the process.

Chalet Dollhouse with Furniture P10,500
Doll Family P995
Kitchen - Decor P1,150
Bathroom - Decor P1,150
Living Room - Decor P1,150
Dining Room - Decor P1,150
Children's Room - Decor P1,150

As if these weren't enough, in its drive to create innovative and educational toys, PlanToys® has designed a Green Dollhouse that can help introduce to children the concept of using natural energy sources while providing them with hours of fun and play. Featuring a wind turbine, a solar cell panel for generating electricity, a rain barrel for collecting rain, a biofaçade that uses the natural cycle of plant growth to provide shading, a blind that can adjust the amount of sunlight and air circulation, and mini-recycling bins, the Green Dollhouse has been designed to help educate children about sustainable homes and the sustainable lifestyle. The Green Dollhouse comes with colorful furniture sets for the master’s bedroom, children’s bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom, and is compatible with the entire PlanDollhouse line.

Why PlanToys®?

- From the selection of raw materials, PlanToys® already puts into practice its green concept, using kiln dry, chemical free rubberwood from rubber trees that no longer produce latex and that have been growing on soil-free fertilizer for three years before being cut.
- To assemble the wooden pieces, PlanToys® uses a certified E-Zero glue instead of the traditional yet toxic wood glue, and the company colors its toys with safe, non-toxic water-based dyes.
- PlanToys® are made of recycled and recyclable raw materials to reduce the impact of production on the environment
- Even the toy packaging and print materials are printed using soy- and water-based inks that are more readily biodegradable and recyclable.
- Up to now, PlanToys® continues to find innovative and green ways to create its toys, using solar energy and low emission biofuels to power machinery.

In the Philippines, PlanToys is exclusively distributed by Rustan Commercial Corporation and is available at Rustan’s Makati, Shangri-la Mall, Gateway, Alabang Town Center, and Robinsons Cebu.


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nice product.. very interesting

toy shops online said...

Toys with toxic are very dangerous to your child's health. Avoid this kind of toys.

Green Toys said...

Amazing toys! These are the toys which i could be also like to play with it.Thanks for sharing this post.

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