Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Real Secret to a Happy Marriage

Valentine's Day came in very early for me and Dear Hubby. We both outdid ourselves this year by getting our presents way ahead of time. We got a kick out of surprising each other, which I think is one of the secrets to an exciting marriage. Heehee!

Now, on to the real topic of this post. My friend Xsa gifted me with a subscription to Real Simple and the first issue I received was for February. My favorite feature for this month was entitled Secrets of Staying (Happily) Married, and they got couples who've been married over 50 years to share tips on how they cultivated loving and lasting unions.

Here is the best tip in my opinion, which I just had to read out loud to Dear Hubby!

Take note of the second sentence! This tip came from a couple, Ayako Kawakami & Harold “Pete” Petersen, who've been married for over 53 years! There's no contesting this right?

Now dear readers, feel free to share this tip with your significant others! Heeheehee!

Oh, and speaking of which, I'm giving every one a heads up! Valentine's Day, while it should be a year round thing really, is officially happening this Sunday. So whether you celebrate Hearts Day or not, well there's still time to cook up something special for yourself and/or your loved ones. You've still got 6 days to prepare!


Anonymous said...

That is so true!

Eubelle said...

hehehe. thanks tin! im going to forward the link to my hubby.

A Loopy Life said...

Yup, this really stood out for me in this issue. And I also showed it to hubby. :D

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Glad you agree Anon!

Did Eumir saw it na Belle?

Hahaha! What did hubby say A Loopy Life?

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