Monday, February 22, 2010

Sonia Rykiel Pour H&M

Berry and I went to our dentist for cleaning and since the weather wasn't too cold, we thought we'd go for a walk down Fifth Avenue!

Sarj told me the H&Ms she visited were sold out of the Sonia Rykiel pieces. The one on Fifth Ave however still had plenty of the striped bodycon, tent and ruffled dresses, the shoes, belts, bangles and berets. Just in case you're looking, you know where to go!

At Saks, we shared an elevator with a fabulous blond lola wearing a long fur coat and holding a Goyard St. Louis. She said Berry looked like she was about to nap, and that she was ready for one too! Hahaha!

Berry really is so well-trained when I go out to visit the shops. Even the Louboutin SA said Berry is such a good baby and so well-behaved. Either she lets Mommy enjoy or she gets bored while at it. Either way, Berry's Grandma would be so proud!

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