Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Berry Nice Weather

It was such a nice day out two Saturdays ago, I can't believe it's raining again this week! That weekend, we decided to go out for a walk by the river, just to enjoy the sunshine. And yes! This is Berry now! She's like a little girl already! She started cruising a month ago and now, she can push her "Walk and Ride Lion" around the house. She feeds herself and she even feeds me, pushing Animal Crackers to my lips! Hahaha!

She even runs! When she gets excited, she really makes a run for it! I think she forgets that she is only 9 months old!
Mommy: Balenciaga sunnies, Saint James Meridien II shirt, J Brand jeans, French Sole flats. Berry wearing Carter's and Baby Levi's
I see that this little girl is a diva in the making. See Berry doing a Pilita!? When she wants to do something else, to get her way, she would bend backwards like that ala Pilita Corrales! Now here's Berry wearing my scarf, because even though the sun was out, it was starting to get a bit chilly.

Another milestone! Last week, we went to her pediatric dentist for a cleaning and a fluoride treatment. She has 4 teeth out already, and two more upper teeth coming out! Now she has her own toothbrush and she laughs when I brush her teeth and gums. I think she gets tickled when I do that. So cute!


Anonymous said...

Hi your sunnies look great on you, I'm on way to New York this May, can you please suggest where to buy sunglasses and/or what brand is quality but wont really hurt my pocket that much hehe. Thanks

Anonymous said...

doing a pilita at 9 months? we have a ballerina or gymnast in the making here :))

cd_mfo said...

Hi Anon 1:36! If you have friends who can buy through Gilt Groupe here, that would be the best since they sell designer sunglasses there real cheap! If not, then just go for Ray Bans, it's everywhere here and you can get one for $140 thereabouts =) If it comes out cheaper in Manila, better to get it there so you can try it on first!

Yes Anon 7:57!! At 9 months! Really?! That's wonderful! I'm a frustrated ballerina! Heehee!

Anonymous said...

she was talking about berry ate tin! at 9mos berry is a ballerina in the making

cd_mfo said...

Trina, I know! I said wonderful because I wanted to be one but didn't fulfill my dream, so I will live my dream through Berry the ballerina! Haha!

Eubelle said...

tin and trina you are both so funny! hihihi. tin, i love your sunnies. you ended up getting them huh. i am still thinking of what to get with the birthday budget eumir gave me. the glasses will totally blow my budget. i think i will stick to clothes.

cd_mfo said...

Hi Belle! Hahaha! Sisters talaga! Oooh! Birthday budget! What are you getting?!

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