Monday, March 15, 2010

Currently Obsessing On...

Heather Gray Jersey Blazers!

(Flipside Blazer from Anthropologie, $88)

(Knit Boyfriend Jacket from Express, $79.59)

(Juicy Couture's Fleece Double Breasted Blazer at Shopbop, $148)

(Monrow's Fleece Jacket at Shopbop, $181.50)

(Torn by Ronny Kobo's Dianne Blazer at Shopbop, $317)

Not quite a sweatshirt and not as dressy as a blazer, it's the perfect slouchy jacket for Spring! Actually, it was Sarj who originally wanted these in a darker shade of gray. We saw racks of these in Uniqlo (and the cheapest of the lot at $39.50) but we ended up leaving the store with nada. I couldn't stop thinking about it and I went back a week later with the mission of getting one for myself and for Sarj, only to find out that everything was gone in our size! That's how hot these are!

Now, I can only dream of wearing this with jeans or cut-off denim shorts. Sigh.


raissa said...

Oh my! I like this. Boo, theres no Uniqlo here in L.A. well as far as I know. Must hunt for it. For some reasons I am loving gray.

Anonymous said...

How come UNIQLO doesn't sell the clothes online in their website??? Loving the grey jersey jacket....i want one too!

Alana said...

I have one (but not from Uniqlo)! It's such a versatile piece. I hope you get one soon! :)

cd_mfo said...

Raissa! I know right! So weird that they only have one here in NY! Uniqlo! Hello! Please expand!

And yes Anon, they should sell online! Please please Uniqlo! So that I don't have to step outside the house! Hahaha!

Lucky you Alana! I want one stat! I know I'm going to love it!

Cosmopolicious said...

hehe. i got the one from uniqlo HK in grey, white and black. i loooove this jacket!

cd_mfo said...

Marieeeeee! No way!!!! You're so lucky! I'm jealous!!!!

cd_mfo said...

Great news everyone! Got this from my friend Trixie - we can order Uniqlo via phone or email!

To place an order by telephone, please call our customer service department on:

(877) 4-UNIQLO (toll-free)
Or, email us at:

Alana said...

I hope you can post styling tips when yours arrives in the mail! :)

appledumplings said...

I saw one in H&M in HK too. Saw those at Uniqlo too but never tried them. Now I regret it :(

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