Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Doing Denim: Acne x Lanvin 2010

I love denims. I practically collect them. I have wide leg jeans, high waist wide leg jeans, skinny jeans in ink, white, black and gray, boyfriend jeans in white and blue, in various states of looseness, chambray shirts, a chambray tunic, you get my drift...

But! What I don't have are denim dresses. I just haven't found one that would make it to my closet. Until I saw the latest Acne x Lanvin collection! This one blows the last collection out of the water!

The chances of myself getting one though? A slim 1 in 50,000. Unless one of these in my size finds it to the Barneys Warehouse Sale! Prices are blowing me away, and not in a good way:

Skirt: LF 401D $930

Dress: LF 203D $900

Dress: LF 202D $1170

Dress: LF 200D $1380

At these prices, I have to just let go of the thought. Sure, it's Lanvin, and I am paying for Alber Elbaz's talent. But if I obsess about this at my usual rate, I'll end up with acne. Take note, not with a capital A!


Alana said...

Dress: LF 203D $1170 the light denim one. I need that dress in my life. I hope forever21 or H&M makes something like it!!

cd_mfo said...

Alana, that's my fave too! Sorry I mistagged it, that's the LF202. That's what I get for copy pasting heehee =)

Eunice said...

Gah, I love denim... but if you gotta make a denim dress, it needs to be casual enough to wear everyday. Meh, I only like the LF 203D, but I still think it's too sophisticated for everyday wear (perhaps of how it was styled, looks so prim). I love the collection from last year's collaboration (great dresses but figured I could get denim dresses cheaper). However, I did get the best denim jacket from last year's.. this year's denim jacket has way too many silver beads.

cd_mfo said...

You're right, we can get denim dresses for much cheaper. Although I do like the idea of dressed up denim. Lucky you Eunice! You got something from that last collab!I admit the jackets for the last collection were pretty awesome! And there was this trench dress too that appealed to me! Although it's not really me, most of the dress designs for 2009 were "younger". I like this year's collection because they're so lady like!

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