Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Love Hermès

Hermes Kelly 32 Blue Jean S$11,999

Sure I do, but these girls from Singapore love it so much more, they've decided to make a business out of it.

The brains behind ILoveHermès are a group of friends who love fashion. "Because of work we frequent Europe often, one of us lives in Paris! Often when we go there, we get request from friends or friends of friends who want items that are not available or sold out here. It happens a lot with Chanel and Hermes. Their stores in Singapore seem to always be out of stock." they share.

Chanel Maxi Black Caviar/silver hardware- S$4930 (SG retail S$5430)
Chanel Maxi Black lambskin/silver hardware -S$5290 (SG retail S$5890)

Sensing this opportunity, they decided to put up ILoveHermès. "Its for all us fashionistas, who are always looking for unique or hard to find items. We try to fulfill as many requests as possible. It gives us fulfillment when we bring back items which we know are rare, knowing that it brings joy to the owner!"

ILoveHermès brings in items that they feel are wanted or out of stock in Singapore, which they then list on their site for sale. And because of their accessibility to boutiques in Paris and Europe, they also offer a personal shopping service. They get items from Europe, which they send to the buyer. Shipping charges are paid for by the buyer.

Pelouse Green Alligator CDC with Palladium Hardware Price S$2850

Chocolate brown Alligator CDC with Palladium Hardware Price S$2850

If you're curious as to how much their bags and services cost, clients pay an additional 7% of purchase price for items bought in Paris. Which, according to them, is still lower than retail in Singapore. Then, "Upon receiving the order we will give an estimated time of process. It is much dependent on the availability of the items... As you know, Hermes items are hard to find... but at the same time soooo luxurious!""

An added perk for their clients is that they get first dibs on hard to find items. "Sometimes if we spot rare items at Hermès like the kelly or kelly pochettes we do call our clients to check if they would be interested."

According to ILoveHermès, due to the rarity and long wait for Hermès Kellys and Birkins different charges apply. But to give you an idea of how much they price their pieces, see the text under each of the photos above! According to them, you can be certain they are still cheaper than the stores in Singapore - that is, if you can find them.

To learn more about ILoveHermès, visit their online store ---> here , email ilovehermes@live.com or SMS +65 9179 4777. They accept orders outside Singapore.


Anonymous said...

Hi!I am the owner of The Happiness Store. And the price quotation in the last 4th paragraph is copied from my website. I've since revised my percentage amount, but the wording is all mine. Kindly remove it. I'm ok with copycat businesses, as consumers stand to benefit. But to copy outright from my website, is just unethical. Carolina

cd_mfo said...

Carolina, I will revise but I will not remove. You cannot tell me what to do in my blog. They made the mistake of copying your "words", you can deal with them directly.

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