Monday, March 08, 2010

Look What I Found in Marshall's

Spring is finally around the corner! Not only did it get to warm up yesterday, I saw lots of sandals and slip-ons at Marshalls!

I really enjoy going through their shoe racks because I love love love shoes! Not that you don't know by now. To set the record straight, I don't always buy shoes! In fact, I think I only bought 1 pair of shoes ever (my Supergas) from here, but it's always fun to browse!

From Sam Edelman to Lilly Pulitzer and Steve Madden to Michael Kors, Marshalls pretty much has it all. They also have the occasional smattering of shoes from Pour La Victoire, Kate Spade, Coach, and LAMB. Of course there are tons of Nine West, BCBG and Guess! On good days, there's a sprinkling of Rene Caovilla! And on rare occasions like yesterday, quite a handful of Prada! Check these out...

Only 4 boxes of this shoe style! All small sized - 37 and below only!

Here are two more sandals from Prada:

Of all, I am loving the nude ones above! All of these were priced at about $330 exclusive of tax. Still quite expensive for sandals! But for the label-loving bargain hunter, these are probably a steal.

I couldn't resist taking a snap of these heels from LAMB. Looks like a cross breed of huaraches...

...and a buckle factory!

Extremely high, pin thin heels too! I love it in principle, I can't imagine wearing these though. I am so not a master of walking in heels this high. But it's a lovely color and it grounds the floaty, feminine dresses of this season! About $170.

So anyway, yay! Spring is awakening! I feel it in my fingers, and I feel it in my toes - literally!


The Bag Hag said...

OMG!!! I want those beige "ribbons" with pin thin heels by Prada!!!

You are sooooo luckyyyy!! When are you coming back to Manila so we can hang out? :)


cd_mfo said...

The ribbon Pradas are my favorite too Ing! I will definitely let you know when we firm up our plans! Miss you Ing!

Joni Andrea said...

Hahaha I like the LAMB heels. Very funky. And I'm so inggit over your No. 6 clogs!! :)

Christy said...

I need to know what marshalls you were at!!!!!! Prada?????!!!!!

cd_mfo said...

Found these in Secaucus, NJ!

RubyG said...

I want those Prada nudes with tiny ribbon!!! :(

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