Thursday, March 11, 2010

MFO's Shopping Tips

I read with great interest your blog. You are truly a fashionista and a woman after my own heart. Therefore, I ask with all sincerity -- how do you do it on a Third World paycheck? Please give the rest of us working gals some tips!!

Look forward to hearing from you.



Watch this space! I'll teach you how MFO shops! I've had 10,000 hours of practice, enough to make me an expert - if we take Malcolm Gladwell's words to heart!

In the meantime, dear readers, care to share your own shopping tips? I'm sure you've all got great ones we can all learn from!


marian said...

hey honey,
wishing you a fabulous friday and delish wknd ahead
Glam kisses,

Conchita said...

shopping tips?!

thank god for the lrt2...i go to 168 and divisoria. juana is the best for office wear. super cheap. 350-500 for dresses and 250 for tops.

but key pieces like jeans, bags and shoes invest in really good brands you can give to your kids!

try swapping clothes with really, really close friends. what are friends for anyway?!

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