Wednesday, March 10, 2010

These Socks Don't Suck!

Some girls love bags. Some girls love shoes. But Morgan who recently launched click and mortar shop, loves her socks! She shares, "I've been sock and tights obsessed my whole life, so branching into this is a dream I've always had. When you are a life long New Yorker and walk Seventh Ave. every day, it's impossible to not be fashion minded. City style fashion is something that inspires me."

And why not, when there's a treasure trove of foot and legwear pieces that are too cute not to wear. She took it a step further when she put up her own online store so she can share her passion for socks with all of us! Check out some of the pieces she has in store:

Reminiscent of Chanel's two-tone tights! I like! ($12)

These socks are cute and badass! ($7)

Slouchy and looks so comfy! ($13)

Now these have a Prada vibe! ($20)

Cute! Love the trompe l'oeil effect! ($24)

Love the Japanese print of these leg/arm warmers! ($20)

Reminds me of the legwarmers that Japanese schoolgirls wear! ($12)

Cute and super affordable right? went live in January, and was borne out of her vision that legwear can be the centerpiece of an outfit, instead of just an accessory.

According to Morgan, what sets apart from legwear retailers is that she only selects products that aren't run of the mill, "I look for interesting and unique legwear, items that you just can't find at typical shops. I'm not interested in carrying only your standard "top seller basics". Sock Theory is about branching out and expanding your legwear horizons".

And as a testament to how much she believes in her own products, she adds, "I own, wear, and model everything you see on the site." So yes, that's Morgan right there in all the photos you just saw! (Well, if I had legs like hers then I would wear the prettiest, and yeah even the loudest socks too!)

Ultimately, her goal is to go beyond just the online store and open stores up in Manhattan and Brooklyn. A lofty goal, but doable! Let's support Morgan's dreams! Get your socks on from!

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RubyG said...

I like the two-tone tights! :D

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