Friday, April 30, 2010

Marni Madness

My friend Belle sent me a $50 coupon for Neiman Marcus Last Call so my sisters and I trekked out to NM Last Call a few days back to find something to buy, anything really, just to use the coupon! Hello! That's like $50 falling down from heaven! A great excuse to shop no? Hahaha!

My sisters ended up with a sling bag and sandals, but I was good and didn't buy a single thing. Although! I was sorely tempted to get these Marni sandals because they were 30% off last price marked! And with the $50 coupon, the price would just come out to about $220, seriously!

Here's another one, which is more of an open toe pump!

I liked the first one better because it was so comfortable! But then again, the heels are so high and I really would just be clomping about in them. Besides, where else would I wear them? To the grocery? Maybe to Berry's music class?

But nah, I decided to be practical so I just walked away, never mind if these were such crazy bargains!


kaye i. said...

WHAT A GOOD GIRL!!!! They're so beautiful though. Hubby must be so proud of ya hahahaha

Eubelle said...

ohh so cute tin! so happy you were able to walk away. i've been really good as well. i've only been buying clothes and shoes for the girls but only when they are on sale!

trins and nic got a great deal ;) kisses to berry!

Best Things In Life said...

You're a certified mom na talaga! You choose practicality over vanity. ;)

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Yeah Kaye, I was good wasn't I? I really hope DH is proud of me!

Awww! But, congratulations Belle! Good for us! Hahaha! I'm happy enough that Trina and Nicole are super happy with their purchases, thanks to you!

Heehee, yeah, I'm such a mommy now! I've also started mixing up names and singing the wrong lyrics to songs, tsk tsk =)

Joni Andrea said...

Wow, how were you able to walk away from those lovely Marni shoes??? Good job! :)

cd_mfo said...

Heehee! I understand your amazement Joni! It was sooooo hard to walk away! Super difficult! I am quite proud that I didn't succumb to the temptation. Not that I don't ever think about these shoes up till now though, hahaha!

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