Monday, April 05, 2010

Our Hudson Valley Tour Part I: Quaker Creek Store

Hey! How was your Holy Week? I hope you all had a Happy and Blessed Easter! As for us, we went up the Hudson Valley this weekend because I was so inspired by Anthony Bourdain's Hudson Valley episode for No Reservations (which aired February 8 on the Travel Channel), I figured, we might as well go on the same road/food trip since it was so accessible to us!

It was all the more fun because we went with our friends Jon & Cathy, Paul & Dot and Joy. We had brunch at the Quaker Creek Store, the sausage shop owned by the Matuszewski family. It is now currently being run by the 4th generation of the family, and Bobby Matuszewski, the owner and a CIA trained chef, makes the most amazing gourmet smoked meats and sausages. We instantly knew as we stepped out of our cars. The air outside the shop was filled with the most delicious smells. One whiff alone and we knew we were in deli heaven!

So yes, that means we thoroughly enjoyed our meal here. Dear Hubby had the Polish Platter (about $9), and according to the lady who served us, this was the same dish that Tony had. The platter includes polish kielbasy and sauerkraut, pierogies (a filled pasta that resembles a Chinese dumpling/Italian ravioli) and a stuffed cabbage. Every bite in this dish was so flavorful.

Meanwhile, I had a small roast beef sandwich (small $6.50/big $8.50). You can choose if you want it on a bun, on plain bread or rye. I chose the bun. I had it filled with lettuce, tomatoes, jalapeno and cheese. I am not a food blogger and I can never describe this sandwich enough to do it justice, so let me just say, I wish I ordered the big roast beef sandwich instead.

We ordered a side dish of coleslaw, potato salad and mixed fruits (for Berry). And just like the dishes we ordered, the side dishes were as yummy as expected.

The store was so busy when we got there, with lines about 5 people deep at any given time. Nevertheless, service was reasonably efficient. While the store just has one long table that can seat 12 and about two more smaller tables that can seat 4 each, we got there at 11 am so there were enough seats at the store to sit us all plus more.

Don't expect a restaurant style service though. It is basically a deli shop and most orders are for meats meant to be cooked or prepared at home. There are just enough seats to satiate customers who want to enjoy the meats and sandwiches right there and then. Orders are taken at the counter and delivered to your table. You can pick out whatever drink you like from the wall of refrigerators at the back of the store. You then pay before leaving.

Get a soda, beer, water or orange juice from this wall of drinks here to go with your meal 

In a nutshell, we enjoyed Quaker Creek Store's small town community feel - the food is good, prices are reasonable ($25 for everything we ordered, plus tip) and the people are friendly. It's such a shame we'd have to drive over an hour just to get there. (Well, at least Woodbury Common is on the way there. Hahaha) Next time around, we are bringing a cooler and we'll stock up on their deli delights.

Quaker Creek Store, Inc.

767 Pulaski Highway
Goshen, NY 10924
(845) 258-4570

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
Saturday: 7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Evening & Sunday: by appointment

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