Friday, April 09, 2010

Word of the Day: Oniomania

To all of us in denial, here's something to add to our vocabulary - Oniomania. What's that? Let's put it this way:

"I have Oniomania" sounds tamer than "I'm a shopaholic".

I busted out laughing (out of guilt, in Tagalog "tinamaan") when I got to the last sentence!

Oniomania from Wikipedia:

Similar to other compulsive behaviors, sufferers often experience the highs and lows associated with addiction. Victims often experience moods of satisfaction when they are in the process of purchasing, which seems to give their life meaning while letting them forget about their sorrows. Once leaving the environment where the purchasing occurred, the feeling of a personal reward has already gone. To compensate, the addicted person goes shopping again. Eventually a feeling of suppression will overcome the person. For example, cases have shown that the bought goods will be hidden or destroyed, because the person concerned feels ashamed of their addiction and tries to conceal it.

All I can say is, Word!

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