Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yay or Nay? Jeggings

Say what? JEGGINGS!

Say that again? JEGGINGS!

When @tammydavid tweeted about The Frisky's 10 Fashion Marriages That Should Have Never Happened, I just had to agree with everything in there! Well, almost. I busted out laughing when I saw Jeggings at #4! Uh-oh! Guilty!

Jeggings may be one of the biggest jokes in the world of fashion (next to the sneaker pump and thong jeans - eep!), but I've come to a point where comfort is just as appealing to me as the iPad is to the gadget guy/girl, the Celine Classic Box Bag is to the bag lover, the Hasselblad is to the fashion photographer, a cosmetics contract is to a model, Fenton/Fallon is to Jenna get my drift. Defensive much? Hahaha!

So yeah, just to let it out, I do wear jeggings, I've got this pair that looks like gray skinny jeans with zippers down the side, so I can open it up a bit at the opening ala Kate Bosworth.

I find that this style slims and elongates my legs. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they are super comfortable! And cheap (these are from H&M)! I should have bought seven of this really, one for each day and make it my uniform! Joke! I think one is enough.

What befuddles me though is, are jeggings jeans that look like leggings? Or leggings that look like jeans? Mine are the latter. But whatever. Not that it matters. I just have to say, poor jeggings! So battered and downtrodden, you don't get enough credit, here's a shoutout of love for you!


Anonymous said...

EEP ! HUG! Thank you for this MFO! I just bought a pair the other day from Topshop and have been wondering how to wear (or even REVEAL) them!

Yay! Im not alone! Hahahaha! Jajaja jeggings!

Jean said...

Jeggings are not for me :( I think I'd look like I have longganisa (or chorizo) legs if I tried wearing them. But hey if they're comfortable and flattering to your figure, I say go for them :)

kaye i. said...

"Jeggings" sounds weird but I say it all the time. LOL. Yes, I think it is leggings that looks like jeans. They are SO comfy and it always holds it shape even if you've worn it 10 hours straight, compared to most skinny jeans. My fave is the high rise ones! So yeah, I say YAYAYAYAY!!! Haha

Veronika said...

I also want buy jeggins for me... but i still cant decide whether that's the best idea for me :) but babe, you look gorgeous in them...

cd_mfo said...

Hahaha! Yes! You are not alone Karrots!

You're right Jean! Important to consider whats flattering always!

Yay Kaye! Hahaha! True, they keep their shape and are super soft and light. Perfect for summer!

Awwww, thanks Veronika! I'm sure you'll find a pair that's perfect for you!

Joni Andrea said...

I'm guilty of loving jeggings too! They are just so comfy and easy to wear. When I'm lazy to dress up for office, I just grab one then pair it with a tunic. :)

Anonymous said...

I love my wifey's jeggings ! Ooh-la-la!

Rochelle said...

uh-oh, i've been wanting to get a pair (especially now that it's not so comfy to wear jeans with this bulging belly, plus my legs can never fit into skinny jeans =P), but can't seem to find one with a "wash" that i like. i'm always wearing leggings na lang =P yours are really nice though! i hope h&m comes out with them again ... haven't seen those here!

kelly said...

looks really good on you! i don't care if it made it on that list. makes your legs look slimmer (not that they aren't, they're tiny!!).

love the shoes too. :)

cd_mfo said...

Yeah Joni! Super comfy! Can't be beat! You're so lucky you can wear jeggings to work! Heehee!

Awww, thanks my honeybun Dada! Love ya!

I know what you mean Rochelle, hard to find a wash that looks decent! I was lucky to have found these! And OMG! Lapit na! Hang in there, still perfect to use when taking care of the babies! Need to be comfortable! Especially when you start running after them! ;)

Thanks Kelly! You're a sweetie! =)

Anonymous said...

Jeggings for males not cross-dressing females; " Say yes to the dress " ! Be not ashamed of being " female "; it is normal and natural ;" Viva La Differance " !

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